Schemes for Marketing Assistance and Technology Upgradation in MSMEs

Marketing assistance and technology upgradation is an innovative scheme that aids in the overall advancement of the MSME sector. Also, by focusing on two major components- Marketing and Technology, it guarantees success. Further, by assisting to upgrade to the latest marketing technologies, it helps MSMEs to stay reliable in the global market. Consequently, the scheme, an initiative of the Government of India (GoI) exclusively focusing on the adaption of modern marketing techniques. 

Solely Concentrating on MSME- Marketing Assistance and Technology Upgradation

MSME is a highly coruscating and dynamic sector invariably affecting the Indian economy. Despite providing employment, also helps in the industrialization of backward sections. Thus, reducing social and regional imbalances while subsequently assuring appropriate distribution of income as well as wealth. However, with the continuous evolvement, opportunities and challenges are equally higher. 

Marketing Assistance and Technology Upgradation- Critically significant for MSME 

These segments are crucial for the development and growth of MSMEs in India. Even though marketing and technology are significant for the success of any establishment. Nevertheless, it is one of the chief factors that degrade the sector in this competitive era. Consequently, the lack of information, resource depravity, and improper selling and market strategies play an equal role in the downfall. 

Most importantly due to the constant changes in the sector, these sectors demand additional focus. Hence, the GoI and Ministry of MSME have implemented a group of schemes for Marketing assistance and technology upgradation. 

Major 8 Sub-Components/Schemes Under Marketing Assistance and Technology Upgradation
  1. Technology Upgradation in Packaging
  2. Skill Upgradation/Development for modern marketing techniques
  3. Competition Studies
  4. The special component for North-Eastern Region
  5. New markets through State/District level local Exhibitions/Trade fairs
  6. Corporate Governance Practices
  7. Marketing Hubs
  8. Reimbursement to ISO 18000/ISO 22000/ISO 27000 certification.
Novel Agencies and their Roles 

SSC, the Screening cum Steering committee under the AS and DC MSME is in charge of the functioning of the scheme. Further, the members of the SSC are Additional Secretary & Development Commissioner (MSME), Joint Secretary (MSME), Joint Secretary & Chief (NMCC), Director (Indian Institute of Packaging), Representatives (STQC and BIS), Representatives of Industry Associations like CII / Member FISME / FICCI, etc, and Joint Dev. Commissioner/Director (DC-MSME). Additionally, Representatives of Integrated Finance Wing (Ministry of MSME) will attend the SSC meetings. 

The Targeted Products and Units 

The schemes concentrate on the expansion of MSME hence, they help the units procure the product. Accordingly, few of the said products are as follows:

Readymade garments Rice milling
Hardware Agricultural implements
Packaged food  Auto components
 SS Utensils  Pharmaceuticals
Ball-bearing   leather goods
Scissors and knives  Plastic components
 Hand tools  Electronic toys
 Electric mixer  Grinder

Sub-Components Under Marketing Assistance and Technology Upgradation Scheme 

1. Technology Upgradation in Packaging

The primary focus of this scheme under the Marketing Assistance and Technology Upgradation scheme in MSMEs is the adaptation of modern technology in packaging. Further, to spread awareness regarding the same.  

The salient traits of the scheme are as follows:
  1. Promoting the use of modern technology packaging by spreading awareness, conducting training and workshops 
  2. Further, conducting a packaging gap analysis 
  3. In accordance with the rest of the schemes, this is also monitored by SSC under DC-MSME. 
  4. Similarly, the DI-MSME along with Industry Associations, NGOs, state government and Technical Institutions receive the proposals. 
  5. Financial assistance: is about 80% from GoI
  6. GoI offers up to Rs 0.5 lakhs (80%) for conducting awareness programs on packing concepts and techniques. 
  7. In case of, Cluster-based studies the GoI offers up to Rs 10 lakhs (80%) per study 
  8. GoI offers up to Rs 9 lakhs (80%) for unit-based interventions for 10 units 
  9. Following approval, the amount will be released in 2, 3 and 4 installments for A, B, and C respectively.
  10. Nevertheless, the selection of the cluster and agencies will follow the open Expression of Interest (EoI) abiding the guidelines of the Department of expenditure. 

Further, a complete guide is available here.

2. Skill Upgradation/Development for modern marketing techniques

The main vision undertaken by this scheme is upgradation of skills and using modern marketing techniques. Additionally, concentrate on online marketing techniques such as email, website, branding, internet, etc. 

The Chief Characteristics of the Scheme are here below
  1. Scheming and conducting requirement-based skill development programs 
  2. Further, encourage the employees of potential MSME clusters or groups to adopt modern marketing techniques.
  3. Nonetheless, monitoring is similar to the Technology Upgradation in Packaging with SSC under DC-MSME 
  4. Further, the competent organizations like IITs, IIMs, Management Institutes and relevant institutions will conduct the programs 
  5. GoI offers financial aid of Rs 6 lakhs under the scheme 
  6. However, GoI will release the aid in 2 installments (50% after approval, and 50% after submission of final report)
  7. Similarly, the selection follows the open EoI abiding the guidelines of Department of expenditure
  8. The training will last over 50 days with over 20 trainees 

Furthermore information regarding the scheme is available here 

3. Competition Studies Scheme

Competition studies aim to analyze the reasons for the threats faced by local products. Consequently, formulate rectifiable measures that counter the challenges. 

The Significant features of the scheme are mentioned hereunder
  1. Competent agencies carry out the studies bearing in mind the guidelines of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), etc.
  2. Additionally, aims to increase the acceptability of domestic products in the international market 
  3. In this case, GoI allots up to Rs 8 lakhs (80%) for conducting studies concerning the aim
  4. The monitoring is similar to the above two sub-components involving SSC, DC MSME, and the competent units 
  5. The selection is following the EoI of Department of Expenditure 
  6. However, the release of funds will be in 3 installments of 25%, 35%, and 40%. Initial 25% following the approval, 35% intermediately, and 40% after the final report submission.

Further details regarding the scheme are attainable here  

4. The special component for North-Eastern Region

The prime focus of this scheme is on the MSMEs in the North- Eastern Region (NER). Accordingly, they encourage the NER- MSME to attend the exhibition, trades, and fairs. Thus, promote NER-MSME products 

The important characters of the scheme are stated here
  1. Emphasizes the manufacturing unit to attend the trade markets organized by ITPO, NSIC, State Government, and related units. 
  2. Provide opportunities for these regions to display their products and thus, expand their customer base 
  3. The MSME-DC will identify and select MSME clusters or NER units to participate in the scheme 
  4. However, this selection will be based on proposals received by MSME-DI, industries association, and NGOs
  5. In this case, GoI offers Rs 6 lakhs (80%) per exhibition for NERs 
  6. Also, the financial aid will cover stall charges (6 sq. meter), travel fare (80%), transportation of products (80% up to Rs 15,000), and the total reimbursement of up to Rs 75,000 per activity 
  7. Additionally, for advertisement and publicity Rs 25000 is allotted 

Note: For reimbursement, the applicant must submit a proposal for its claim along with the necessary documents to the MSME- DI office 

5. New markets through State/District level local Exhibitions/Trade fairs

Their main vision is to provide a platform for marketing. Accordingly, this is achieved by encouraging the MSMEs to participate in exhibitions and trade fairs organized by District, state, or local authorities. 

The distinctive features of the scheme are as follows 
  1. The monitoring of the overall scheme is undertaken by SSC under MSME-DC. 
  2. The same will identify and select the clusters, also, encourage them to participate in the exhibitions
  3. In this case, GoI offers Rs 3 lakhs per exhibition 
  4. Further, GoI offers 50% reimbursement for stall charges and travel charges respectively
  5. However, the special category MSME will avail reimbursement of 80%
  6. Nonetheless, the maximum amount of reimbursement Rs 30,000 for the special category and Rs 20,000 for the rest 
  7. Extra assistance of Rs 25,000 for advertisement and publicity.

Note: The applicant must submit the claim to the MSME-DI in the prescribed format.

6. Corporate Governance Practices

The scheme strives to introduce Corporate Governance and thus, uphold transparency, veracity, and accountability of the unit’s management. Further, encourage the adaptation of the same. 

The prominent traits of the scheme are
  1. Improve the sense of their competitiveness, decrease the risk factors, increase the trade, overcome the challenges of globalization
  2. Make the available low cost of finance. Further, create awareness regarding the good corporate practices 
  3. Hence, strengthening the procedure (audit and account), the structure of the company, management of resources, training, statutory rating, etc. is a part of the scheme
  4. DC-MSME will be in charge of the overall scheme while also selecting the units to help
  5. GoI offers Rs 9 lakh (50%) to encourage the MSME to inculcate good corporate practices
  6. However, the limit for assistance is Rs 45,000.

Note: The applicant must submit the claim to the MSME-DI in the prescribed format.

7. Marketing Hubs 

They aim to provide amenities for manufacturing MSMEs. Further, these facilities or hubs would promote B2B meetings, retail and wholesale marketing, and in exploring opportunities. Subsequently, its main focus is to improve the marketing reach of the MSMEs domestically as well as globally. 

The striking characteristics of the schemes are:
  1. Setting up over 8 hubs across the country preferably near MSME clusters or groups. 
  2. Further, these will cover 12 cities
  • Chennai
  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Indore
  • Jaipur
  • Agra
  • Guwahati
  • Ahmedabad
  • Delhi
  • Ludhiana,
  • Thrissur
  • Kolkata  
  1. For upgradation, renovation, and conversion of units to marketing hubs, GoI offer up to Rs 30 lakhs per hub 
  2. Amenities such as the internet, computer, furniture, etc GoI offers Rs 5 lakhs 
  3. In case of recurring charges, the GoI will offer Rs 15 lakhs for two years 
8. Reimbursement to ISO 18000/ISO 22000/ISO 27000 certification

The prime objective of the scheme is to encourage all the units to attain an ISO certification. Hence, in this regard, the government offers reimbursement on the ISO issuing charge. 

The unique characteristics of the schemes are herewith mentioned:
  1. The ISO certificate can be on Food safety, health, and IT parameters 
  2. Accordingly, GoI offers a one-time reimbursement for acquiring the ISO certification
  3. Subsequently, as reimbursement, the GoI offers up to 75% compensation up to the extent of Rs 1 lakh per case  
  4. Nevertheless, the scheme aims to benefit over 300 establishments 
  5. In this case, the compensation will cover the consultation fee, certification fee, and ISO adaption fee, if necessary. 

Further, extra details on this scheme are available here

BAR Code- Financial assistance from the Ministry of MSME and GoI 

Despite the 8 sub-components under the Marketing Assistance and Technology Upgradation in MSMEs, there is a special component involved. That is providing financial assistance on the Bar code. 

Salient Characteristics of Bar Code Scheme
  1. Encourages adaptation of Bar code system by offering a one-time 75% reimbursement and an annual recurring fee for three years 
  2. The DC- MSME will monitor the scheme while acting as the nodal agency 
  3. The applicant may apply for claim either online (visiting DC-MSME office) or online (Official DC-MSME website). 
  4. Moreover, Global Standard 1 (GS1) is responsible to provide the GST registration to use Bar code.

Subsequently, for complete information regarding the bar code and the assistance, click here


MSMEs and the competent agencies that are linked to marketing and technology are eligible to enroll under the scheme. However, they will be selected based on open Expression of Interest (EoI) following the guidelines of the Department of Expenditure. 


To summarize, MSME’s advancement is significant for the growth of the Indian economy. Accordingly, the GoI in association with the Ministry of MSME has implemented several that drives the MSME towards success. Further on, these scheme focuses on the two chief factors- Marketing Assistance and Technology Upgradation. Thus, the success of these undertakings will reflect positively on India’s economy. 

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