Tool Rooms and MSME Technology Centres

Tool Rooms and MSME Technology Centres Scheme for MSMEs to expand and enhance technology in the sector. In the recent past, the government implemented several schemes to kindle the progress of the MSME sector. In addition, over ten tool rooms were established across the country which is equipped with the best technologies. Over 8 technology centres were also added to the list and the tool rooms were also renamed as technology centres eventually.

Tool rooms are extremely skillful in mould and die making, further improve quality and precision in the product production process. Moreover, they have proven to be beneficial and subsequently reached peak positions in their respective areas. Constantly aid SSI units in mechanical up-gradation by providing tools and machinery of international standards.

Facilitates provided by Technology Centers

The technology centers enable several improvements by assisting in

  1. International Quality tools
  2. Engineering ready manpower
  3. Advisory in tooling
  4. Assistance in Process and Product development
  5. Aid in Foundry and forging, Electronics, Electrical Measuring Instruments, Fragrance and Flavour, Glass, Sport products and Footwear designing
Assistance Provided under these Centers 
  1. To improve efficiency, it provides access to tooling facilities.
  2. It guides the MSME for furtherance in Product and Process formulations.
  3. The relevant sector will be provided apt consultancy that is necessary for advancement.
  4. Skill development training and workshops.
Salient features of the Tool Rooms and MSME Technology Centres 
  1. The tool rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as CAD/CAM, Vacuum Heat Treatment, CNC machining for tooling, Rapid Prototyping and so on.
  2. The manufacturing centers will encompass the production of Press tools, moulds, jigs, fixtures, gauges, die casting dies, standard parts, and components of manufacturing units.
  3. Provides international level training and seminars to participants from all over the globe. Further, provided under Government schemes such as Technical Cooperation Colombo (TCS), SCAAP, ITEC and Aid to Sri Lanka.
  4. The tool rooms follow the guidelines placed under Total Quality Management (TQM). That comprises of CNC Profile Projector, CNC coordinate measuring appliance, Electronic height master, Toolmakers microscope, etc., following the ISO-9001 requirements.
  5. The organization of the scheme is undertaken by the Government of India and the Ministry of Industry. Further, the General Manager or Principal Director will be the Principal Executive officer of the societies.

Any individual or enterprise that requires guidance related to tooling and dies can avail benefits. Further, any individuals ranging from School dropouts to M-Tech level can gain assistance.

Applying Protocol   

The interested beneficiary can apply online by filling an application at the respective center’s website. Further, the technology centers can be visited to discuss queries on tooling and consultancy facilities. Ministry of MSMEs established 18 Technology Centres (earlier known as Tool Rooms & Technology Development Centres) given below:

  1. Tool Room & Training Centre (CTTC), Kolkata
  2. Central Footwear Training Institute (CFTI), Agra
  3. Central Institute of Tool Design (CITD), Hyderabad
  4. Indo-German Tool Room (IGTR), Indore
  5. Process & Product Development Centre (PPDC), Agra
  6. Process cum Product Development Centre (PPDC), Meerut
  7. Central Tool Room & Training Centre (CTTC) Bhubaneswar
  8. Central Tool Room (CTR), Ludhiana
  9. Indo-Danish Tool Room (IDTR), Jameshedpur
  10. Central Institute of Hand Tools (CIHT), Jalandhar
  11. Institute for Design of Electrical Measuring Instruments, Mumbai
  12. Indo-German Tool Room (IGTR), Ahmedabad
  13. Tool Room and Training Centre (TRTC), Guwahati
  14. Central Footwear Training Institute (CFTI), Chennai
  15. Centre for Development of Glass Industry (CDGI), Firozabad
  16. Fragrance & Flavour Development Centre (FFDC), Kannauj
  17. Indo-German Tool Room (IGTR), Aurangabad
  18. Electronics Service & Training Centre (ESTC), Ramnagar

In the case of Queries, Contact Head of the Technology Centre under whose guidance the enterprise is working.

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