DST-CII Technology summit India-Netherlands Partner in Agriculture

At DST-CII Technology summit India-Netherlands partner in Agriculture Sector. For the past ten years, India and the Netherlands have been cooperating towards a progressive future. Especially in sewage water management, antimicrobial resistance, and smart energy grids to optimize the agricultural sector. The countries partnership in innovation has always reaped benefits. Moreover, they complement each other, thereby have the potential to make each other better.

King Willem-Alexander Addressing at DST-CII Summit

CII Technology summit organized by DST

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Queen Maxima attended the inauguration of the 25th edition of DST-CII India- Netherlands Technology Summit. During which, the Union Minister for Science & Technology, Dr Harsh Vardhan announced eight collaborations between the countries. This partnership would focus on various areas including waste- to- value products, healthcare, pollution prevention, farming, efficient wastewater use. Netherlands could help India in its mission to double farmers income by refining water technology in the Agricultural sector. To strengthen our hold in agriculture, horticulture, and climate, this participation might be fruitful.

DST-CII Summit India-Netherlands held on 15-16 October 2019

The partnership would largely benefit Indian agriculture

India has the ambition to become the food factory of the world, to double farmer’s income and increase agricultural exports by 2020. With certainty in our goal, the Netherlands seems to be the perfect partner to accomplish these objectives. The shared heritage and beliefs between the two countries would help us find sustainable solutions to global hunger. The Netherlands has the 2nd highest amount of exports in agricultural products, thus can help farmers produce food more efficiently.

Climate Change

With climate change as a major threat, Dutch vice-minister of Agriculture, Ms. Marjolijn Sonnema suggests the use of resistant crops. Besides, by making agricultural circular with fewer inputs we could reduce waste. Also, make food production climate resistant. In addition, several Centres of excellence in horticulture and floriculture are being set up throughout India.

Addressing Indian agriculture vulnerability to water, Netherlands extensive knowledge in areas of agriculture can be very useful. It will help us devise solutions to extremities faced by flood and drought. India exports agricultural products to Netherland six times more than what we import from them. However, they are the second-largest exporters of agricultural products while we are not. Thus, their ideas to connect our production capacity to consumers would help us become the food factory of the world.

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