Indian Agriculture Sector to go Dutch in Future?

Indian Agriculture sector may adapt Dutch technology for farming in future because of its promising output. A consortium of Dutch companies is planning to launch two projects, one in Uttar Pradesh and the other one in Himachal Pradesh.

The consortium aims to make Indian farmers aware of the high-yielding Dutch farm production technology. It wants Indian farmers to know that agriculture can be a lucrative business.

Netherlands is the Second Largest Agri Exporter in the World

India is all set to embark on deploying Dutch technique for Agriculture. Netherlands is the second largest exporter of food in the world. It speaks volumes about the efficiency of Dutch technology. A representative of Dutch Greenhouse Delta, said that they wish to show farmers that agricultural is a highly profitable sector. Application of Dutch technology may help India boost its Agri exports.

Dutch Technology for Farming

Less Water Consumption in Agriculture is the Dire need for India

Dutch technology for farming uses less water almost 90% less than what is used in India. However, their production of agriculture produce is significantly higher than conventional farming methods used in India.

Prices of fruits and vegetables in Netherlands is similar to India but their horticultural industry earns profit because of mass production. Better quality seeds and technology has increased the yield of area 150 times. The glass house farming technique produces vegetable and fruits throughout the year.

About the Project

For their project in UP, the consortium is focusing on Kanpur. For Himachal Pradesh, discussions are on the two locations recognised by the state government. In addition, the Netherlands or Indian government may finance the project.

The project aims to increase farmers income by increasing their yield significantly. Ultimate aim is to make farmers realise that agriculture is profitable. Farmers can put their land on lease or become future shareholders. They can work in the greenhouse and get a monthly income of about INR 40,000 approximately.

 Companies Visited India Earlier this Year

At HortiTechIndia January 2019, many companies used the platform to promote Dutch Technology for farming in the country. They conducted workshops in Bangalore and participated in Vibrant Gujarat. They also opened the polyhouse demonstration in Tumkur.

Dutch technology for farming seems to provide solutions faced by Indian Agriculture and may increase farmer’s profit. The success of these projects will determine the future of Dutch technology in India.

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