Coronavirus Mutants Emerge Across the Globe

On one side, the vaccination roll out portrays the image of the world recovering from COVID-19. While on the other side, the coronavirus mutant strains pose as a lurking fear ready to take over. Accordingly, the highly contagious COVID-19 UK mutant has mutated again.

UK’s Coronavirus Variant

In late 2020, when the COVID-19 cases were gradually reducing, Britain and South Africa saw a massive resurgence of coronavirus cases. Noting the change, researchers conducted a series of genetic analysis. Thereby finding out that the coronavirus had mutated. Further, the said mutant was highly transmissible in comparison to the original virus. Thus, forcing a second lockdown on the widely hit countries.

Spreading of UK’s Coronavirus Mutant

Even though the government quickly imposed restrictions and Britain and Africa’s travel was halted, the spread was not completely controlled. Consequently, in December, the mutant strain spread in other counties as well. As of now, the mutant strain has homed in Canada, Spain, Japan, India, Sweden, Paris, South Korea, and so on. Clearly, the new mutant is travelling globally with parts of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East reporting new mutant cases.

UK’s Coronavirus Variant Has a New Variant

Recently, researchers reported new genetic variations in the already mutated coronavirus strain from the UK. Also, they opine that the new mutant is possibly more contagious and pathogenic than the original strain. Further, the mutant E484K mutation is found in most of South Africa and Brazil’s COVID-19 variants.

Emergence of Coronavirus Mutants

Viruses shapeshift for their survival, thus changing genetically to survive inside the host. Like other viruses, COVID-19 virus infects cells and reproduce within the infected cells. Subsequently producing multiple copies of itself and then spreading throughout the body. However, sometimes when repeatedly replicating themselves, the genetic codes will not be copied correctly. Thus, small genetic mistakes result in the emergence of new variants. Commonly, the variants will facilitate faster transmission similar to the new coronavirus mutants.

How Effective is the Vaccine to the New Mutant

Since the mutation is mainly observed in the spike protein, researchers suggest that the vaccine is effective. However, it is too early to illustrate the extent of effectiveness. In any case, if the current vaccines prove to be inefficient, slight redesigning will be sufficient to increase their effectiveness.

In all, the resurgence of COVID-19 and its mutants are concerning. However, the current prevention measures if followed sternly, will contain the spread. Additionally, the vaccination will also help in diminishing the virus globally.

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