Germany can help Double Farmers Income in India: Julia Kloeckner

Julia Kloeckner, Federal Minister for Food Agriculture and Consumer Protection Germany, stated that Germany can help double farmers income in India. Germany and India set to collaborate in agriculture, maritime technology and other sectors. As a step towards this joint expansion, seventeen agreements have been signed between the nations. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi confirmed that these agreements help endorse, establish and expand the major sectors under focus.

Joint Declaration of Intent

The commitment included cooperation on strategic ventures, green urban mobility, research and development in artificial intelligence and deterrence of nautical litter. Consequently, the Indian Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare, Narendra Singh Tomar met the German Minister of Food and Agriculture, Julia Kloeckner to sign a Joint Declaration of Intent. The intent will concentrate on farmers rather than production thus, targeting to double farmer’s income by 2022.

Julia Kloeckner and Narendra Singh Tomar Meeting to Sign Joint Declaration of Intent

Doubling farmers Income in India

Germany’s cooperation with India to double farmer’s income would be achieved by encouraging numerous aspects of farming. This includes focusing on production enhancement, cost reduction, creating supportive markets, and increasing the value of the agricultural chain. Further, the Ministers beset to attain the agricultural exports value to $60 million by 2022.  In addition, Germany’s expertise in mechanization and post-harvest management will play a major role in accomplishing the goal.

Improving the Framers way of Living

The agreement focuses mainly on the agricultural sector, thereby affecting the farmer’s life in a significant manner. Besides the direct prominence, it promises to address issues such as food safety, consumer safety, assistance in supply and market chain, global hunger and related aspects. These issues would be the continuance of the Working Group started earlier in 2008. Emphasizing on the goal, both the countries have prioritized the fulfillment of the 17 ‘Sustainable development Goals’ (SDG). Therefore, in near future Germany can help double farmers income in India.

Additional Significant Associations Affecting Cultivation

The duo plans on setting up food testing labs that primarily concentrates on food testing and workshops. Moreover, India has generated a list of agricultural products that can be imported by Germany from India preferably. Additionally, for agricultural professional training, an MoU between the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management and the German Agriculture Academy is designed.

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