Design Clinic Scheme for MSMEs

Design Clinic Scheme comes under National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme (NMCP) initiated for design expertise of MSME in manufacturing sector. This scheme provides skilled guidance and cost-effective ideas in the design unit that would prove valuable and innovative in enhancement.

The nodal agency for the scheme is the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad. A total of Rs 73.58 crore allotted as the budget for the scheme. Of which, Rs 49.03 crore will be contributed by Government of India and the rest will be provided by its counterpart, the MSME ministry.

Objectives of Design Clinic Scheme
  1. Improve the understanding of industrial design and innovation.
  2. Elevate the competitiveness among the units and as a result improve the production rate.
  3. Encourage gaining knowledge in design by considering it as a value-adding activity.
  4. Assimilate design into the mainstream businesses.
  5. To bring closer the working and designing units of the MSME sector.
  6. Through skill development, to produce sustainable designs for MSME.
Working and Characteristics of Design Clinic Scheme 
  1. Initially, design awareness shall be achieved through workshops, training, seminars. Further, surveys in each unit of selected clusters to assess the kind of requirement needed in the design sector.
  2. The assessment will form the basis to create a plan and therefore generate the funding required to achieve the same
  3. Additionally, this will aid in understanding the importance and value of designing the business.
  4. The funding will aid in designing and to bring closer the infrastructural and designing units that are the prime objective of the scheme.
  5. The financial aid granted under the design clinic scheme in the following ways:
  • Individual micro units- Rs 15,00,000 with around 75% financial aid for 120 projects
  • Group micro units- Rs 25,00,000 with 75% aid for 80 projects
  • Individual small and medium units- Rs 25,00,000 with 60% aid each for 148 projects
  • Group small and medium units- Rs 40,00,000 with 60% aid for 60 projects
Activities in Conjunction with Design Clinic Scheme 
  1. Design Awareness sessions and workshops
  2. Professional design ventures
  3. Student design ventures
  4. Orientation plans

Any individual or an MSME thats registered with Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM) applicable under the scheme. In addition, the beneficiaries must be part of a minimum of three years of the profitable entity.

The MSME that can avail the benefits of the scheme

  1. Any MSME that joins forces with any industrial designer.
  2. The MSME must abide by MSMED act 2006 while the designer must be a from the selected designers sanctioned for the scheme.
  3. It is mandatory for the unit to have a UAM number.
  4. The unit should prove a potential export or ongoing export.

While the Designer under the scheme is responsible for the completion of the project within the given due date. They must also be experts in the area and have innovative solutions to the arising applicant MSME problems in the related sector.

Charges Under Design Clinic Scheme

Neither the MSME nor the design company is due to pay any fee for enrolment under the Design Clinic Scheme.

Necessary Documents for Registration
  1. Estimate Citation document
  2. Outline of the project
  3. Contract documents
  4. Grant agreement
Design Clinic Scheme Procedure

The application must be filled and submitted in one of the following ways 

  • Excluding the design company 
  • Including the designing company (satisfying the criteria)

In the home page, click on Online Project application which will lead to a new page 

Design Clinic Scheme Online Registration: Select the Register Button

The register button will provide a form that needs to be filled

Design Clinic Scheme: Select the Relevant option according to your company/firm

This will generate login credentials then we can continue the application process

Design Clinic Scheme: Fill all details Correctly
Design Clinic Scheme: Fill all Details and Click on Register Now Button

Submit the following documents along with the filled form:

  • Profit and Loss Statement of MSME unit in last three financial year 
  • Details of MSME Unit’s Projects With Design Clinic Scheme

Next is the verification, that with be carried out by authority. On verification, the grant will be approved under the scheme

In case of any queries, contact:

National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, IISc in Bangalore, principal director and field officers of MSME- DC/ MSME-TDC, Foundry Nagar, Agra- 282006


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