Information, Education and Communication – IEC Scheme

Information, Education, and Communication Scheme (IEC scheme) is a significant segment under the MSME’s Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programme. Accordingly, the ministry of MSME endeavors to provide opportunities for employment. Further, they strive to promote the relevance of skill up gradation to both the existing and new entrepreneurs. Subsequently, with this vision, the Media cell of the Ministry of MSME implements the IEC scheme.

Objectives of the IEC Scheme

The prime objective of the scheme is to create awareness regarding the necessity of all the schemes. Further, the basic vision is to promote the scheme with the following aims:

  1. Technical assistance
  2. Financial assistance
  3. Upgradation
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Skill development
  6. Training and market assistance
The Campaigns are undertaken by the IEC
Scheme to Promote their Objective 
  1. Promoting the importance of all the scheme and the necessitate their usage in the SME sectors  
  2. Encourage the SMEs to benefit from the various scheme promoting the advancement of the sector
  3. Awareness must be focused on both demographically and geographically, including the women, NER’s, SC/ST’s and such special categories
Activities of the Scheme 
Promotion using Electronic Media in IEC scheme
  1. Audio-visual spots, short films, and broadcast activities on TV & social media
  2. Audio Spots/Jingles, promotion via radio
  3. Street theater such as Kala jathas, street plays, folk songs, and so on
  4. Talk shows, panel discussions and expert lectures on the issue in national as well as regional channels.
  5. Advertising via the Internet and mobile applications (Mobile messages (SMS))
Promotion Through Print Media 
  1. Commercial in newspapers and magazines will be main focus in IEC scheme
  2. Showcasing events, especially success stories in the media
  3. Publication of brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, flip charts, and so on
  4. Emphasize the ingenuities of the Government, such as their schemes, technologies, sources, etc.
Outdoor Promotions
  1. Advertisements via digital display board, hoardings and banners at public places
  2. Additionally, innovative roadshows and metro rail hush-ups
Promoting Through Several Other Activities 
  1. Provide financial assistance for hiring Technical and managerial consultants/experts. Similarly, hire PR agencies for necessary units
  2. Also, assess the several schemes initiated by MSME and prove its worthiness.
  3. The IEC scheme encourages participation in the exhibition, trade fairs, and so on
The Administrative Structure of the IEC scheme 
  1. Hiring the best professional services through HR agencies that assist the implementation of IEC scheme
  2. The expenditures such as travel, accommodation, and hiring officials will be covered by the IEC scheme
  3. further, the prerogatives of hired personnel will be as per the GOI employees in the pay medium level 6 to 8 in the 7th CPC. Further, they will be hired on the contract basis
Financial assistance in the IEC scheme
  1. Public financial activities will follow GRF guidelines (para 5)
  2. In case of publicity and advertising, charges will follow Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP) and National Film Development Corporation Limited (NFDC) guidelines
  3. However, a pre-approval from MSME secretary is mandatory if any alignments are made
Implementing the IEC Scheme 

The screening committee will be in charge of implementing the IEC scheme. Further, it would monitor the functioning of the scheme concerning the objectives periodically. Even though the screening committee will create the action plan, the plan is implemented only after the MSME secretary’s approval. Following approval, Joint Secretary handling Media Cell will implement the media plan. Accordingly, the members of the screening committee are as follows:

  1. Joint Secretary (SME), Ministry of MSME will act as Chairman
  2. Director/Deputy Secretary, ARI Division (MSM), Director (Media Cell), Representative of AS&DC-MSME, Under Secretary (Media Cell), Deputy Secretary (IF Wing), and Deputy Director (Publication) will act as the members.

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