Onion Prices Set to Increase Further as Turkey Halts Onion Exports

Turkey’s decision to halt onion exports set to increase onion prices in India by 10-15%. After major shortage of onions in India, the country is relying heavily on imports. To control prices and shortage Indian government had banned export of onions from India on 29th of September 2019.

Difficulties in Import

India relied on Turkey and Egypt for major import of onions to fulfill its domestic demand. Since onion prices sky rocketed due to shortage it became difficult for the general public to consume the staple ingredient. According to data, India imported 7070 tonnes of onion this fiscal year out of which 50% imports were from Turkey. The prices will remain firm in the coming two months due to a shortage of domestic supply because of excessive rainfall in key producing areas. Besides, onion imports from Sri Lanka stopped because of strict rules imposed by it for the issuance of phytosanitary documents. However, the supply from Egypt and Afghanistan is good enough to keep the onion prices at Rs 55 per kg.

The Rise

Importing of onions from Afghanistan via Wagah Border is also getting difficult because of limited handling capacity. On the contrary, the data released by the Ministry of Agriculture confirms the increased area under the cultivation of onion from 2.31 lakh hectares to 2.78 lakh hectares this year due to luring prices of onions.

At Lasalgaon APMC, the daily arrivals ranged from 12000 to 13000 quintals in the last two to three days. Whereas it was 25000 to 27000 quintals at the same time in the previous year.

Ajit Shah, an importer from Mumbai said that the prices of good quality onion range at Rs 100 to Rs 150 across the metro cities. He further added that only domestic supply can help in decreasing the domestic prices.

The excess rainfall during the harvest time and delayed monsoons led to the price hike of onions. In all, the prices are expected to normalize soon as the domestic supply is picking up.

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