Most States in India Urging PM Modi for Lockdown Extension

Acknowledging that the health of people precedes over economic stability, the state governments are inclined towards lockdown extension. After the video meeting with Prime Minister Modi today all CMs urged him to extend Lockdown.

Meanwhile, the central government is yet to take a call in the following days after a thorough review. Subsequently, the government has just a couple of days strategise the next plan of action. Thus, the government is analyzing every aspect while considering the suggestions from states across the nation.

States in favor of Lockdown extension 

Currently, India is nearing the 21-day lockdown with most of the sectors shut down completely. Despite this, the total cases reached 7811 on Saturday and without the lockdown this number would reach 5 figures. Even though, the transmission is a bit controlled in comparison to other Countries such as the US, Italy, Spain and the UK. Nonetheless, the spread of the pandemic isn’t completely halted.

Thereby, the question raises concerning the lockdown extension. Accordingly, States with high cases including Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi are advocating for lockdown extension. In addition, the Vice President Venkaiah Naidu assured the nation that we will triumph over the Coronavirus pandemic, regardless of the uncertain duration.

PM Modis Meeting with CMs of India Considering Lockdown Extension
Kerala, Punjab, Delhi Assam, Thiruvananthapuram, UP, Telangana, and Several Other Ministers Hint Towards Lockdown Extension 

Telangana CM, K Chandrashekar Rao suggested that the nation must extend the nationwide lockdown for a few weeks. Further, he adds that the country can over economic crisis later on. Delhi CM Arvind Kerjriwal tweeted a non official confirmation that Prime Minister has agreed to lockdown extension. However, it is currently necessary to focus on combating the coronavirus catastrophe.

Similarly, UP minister Yogi is seriously considering the extension as the apt way to triumph over the infection. Moreover, Assam health Minister hints that abrupt lockdown exit will create abundant challenges. Additionally, Maharashtra with the highest case (1666) reports, it is all set to extend the lockdown. Furthermore, all geared up to inculcate stringent rules to contain the Coronavirus spread in the state. Meanwhile, Kerala official assures that they have all the essential commodities to sustain the lockdown extension.

Transport Services Delay the Functioning

Even though there is ambiguity regarding the lockdown lift or extension, the airlines, trains and bus services stopped bookings till April 30. Subsequently, the airways are not allowing any booking until after the end of April. Besides, permitting roadways transport to travel among districts is still pending and depends on the Government’s call. Nonetheless, the railways are issuing a restoration plan to start their services. However, only the trains that receive approval from the Railway Board will resume function. Additionally, this is functional only after the government’s decision regarding the lockdown extension. 

Central Government Yet to Decide  

Despite the state government’s proposals for lockdown continuation, the government hasn’t officially decided. Besides, addressing the sharp spike in Coronavirus cases recently, the state administration is urging the center to extend the lockdown beyond April 14. In one case, the lockdown may continue in several infection-prone areas with slight relaxation to other places. In another case, lockdown may extend with rigorous rules to contain the Coronavirus widespread. Also, as PM Modi had earlier suggested, it could be a staggered exit for lockdown.

Regardless of the favored, the government will analyze thoroughly with both citizens as well as the nation’s perspective prior to the decision.

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