PM Modi Orders Complete Lockdown in India for 21 Days to Combat Coronavirus

Citing the virus spread, PM Modi ordered complete lockdown in India for 21 days to combat coronavirus spread. 1.3 billion citizens asked to stay at home to tackle coronavirus in India.

Three Week Lockdown

Addressing the nation for the second time during the pandemic, the PM ordered people to stay at home for the next 21 days. The lockdown, starting from 24th March midnight, will be similar to a curfew. He stated that the nationwide lockdown will help to fight the battle against the deadly virus. Further, he mentioned that social distancing is essential in a time like this, not only for sick people but for everyone. It is the only solution to break the cycle of transmission and hence one must stay at home.

Stay at Home

Modi encouraged people be disciplined and have patience. Also, he expressed his gratitude and appreciated the efforts of medical staff and front line workers who are working tirelessly round the clock. Therefore, individuals should do their part by staying put where ever they are. Further, he appreciated nation’s efforts as people made Janta Curfew successful. Experts say that coronavirus symptoms may take several days to exhibit and therefore one must not be negligent towards taking precautions.

Essential Commodities Available

The Centre allocated Rs 15,000 crore for strengthening the health infrastructure and increase the equipment required to tackle the epidemic. Citing the panic among people, Modi asked people to stay calm as all essential services will remain open. In addition, Banks, ATMs, petrol pumps, hospitals and grocery shops will function normally. However, all air, bus and train transport services will remain suspended till 14th April. Also, all government and private offices will remain closed during the lockdown, except for those involved in essential services.  

Social Distancing The Only Cure

He pointed to the data by experts and informed citizens that the virus spreads like fire. Though 21 days lockdown will come at an economic cost, the government’s top priority is to save lives. Further, he said that even developed nations, with best health infrastructure, were unable to slow the spread and therefore social distancing is the only solution. PM Modi will address nation again soon.

In all, the government is taking essential steps to slow the impact of the virus. PM Modi gave a final warning to citizens that if they don’t stay at home and Coronavirus spreads in India, country’s progress will fall back by 20 years.

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