Global Rice Production to Hit New Highs with US, India and Bangladesh Hoping for a Bumper Crop

The countries, India, Bangladesh and the US, have benefited from the favourable weather conditions. Therefore, they are all in good stead to achieve a bumper rice harvest this year.

Record US Rice Harvest Predicted

According to agricultural experts in the country, the rice crops from Mississippi and Louisiana seems to be looking good. Further, a rice specialist at LSU AgCenter, Mr Dustin Harrel says that halfway through the harvest it looks like the total product will tie the second-highest yield.

In the US, Arkansas has the highest amount of acres under rice (1.4 million acres), followed by California with 507,000 acres. The harvest this year looks in good shape across the US. Accordingly, Bobby Golden, rice expert from the Mississippi State University Extension Service confirmed that the crop in the state forecast promising result.

55 Lakh Tonnes Surplus Crop in Bangladesh

Bangladesh rice Research Institute (BRRI) reports that Bangladesh will have surplus rice amounting to 55 Lakh tonnes by November. BRRI Director General Md Shahjahan Kabir shared these findings in a webinar about Bangladesh’s chances of facing a rice shortage due to the pandemic. Further, he also mentioned that farmers were hoarding the crop in expectation of a rise in prices in the days ahead.

But, the current amount of rice stocks will exhaust soon. And, according to the Food Ministry, the target of paddy procurement might not be achieved by the end of August. However, Sadam Chandra Majumder, the Minister for Food, assures that paddy procurement would fill the deficit. Further, he mentions that the government has taken necessary steps to import the cereal in case of shortage. Additionally, it’ll ensure market stability. Also, the Food Secretary Mosammat Nasmanara Khanum agrees that is it necessary to stock up for the sake of customers.

Bumper Rice harvest in India, Bangladesh, and the US Owing to Favourable Weather Conditions
Bumper Rice Harvest in India, Bangladesh, and the US Owing to Favourable Weather Conditions

Good Monsoon to Help Bumper Crop in India

India received an excess of 18% rainfall more than usual this season supporting cultivators in achieving bumper harvest. Further, many labourers have returned to their villages due to the pandemic lockdown. Thus, lowering the labour wages in rural areas, and the excess human resources are contributing a lot to agriculture. Furthermore, if good weather continues, rice production is likely to be up by at least 20%. Thereby, it’ll make India one of the largest exporters of rice.

Uttar Pradesh has not been doing well on the industrial front. But, paddy farmers in the state have benefited from good rainfall. Accordingly, the districts that are collectively known as the “rice bowl of UP” received above-average rainfall. Also, the area under the cultivation of paddy increased; thus, farmers finished sowing 80% of the crop before the third week of July. Further, agricultural SK Singh says that farmers have preferred more of indigenous seeds this year. Along with this, they have gone for fewer pesticides, and the prices are also looking better.

Trilochan Mohapatra, the Director-General of ICAR, told the Financial Express that they were expecting a higher output or at least the last years’ production to be levelled this year. Because the sowing of Kharif crops increased by 19% and also supported by favourable climatic conditions. But, a bumper production might not be good news for the farmers. Instead, it might result in depressed prices because of the lack of demand in the market. Further, the announcement regarding the minimum support price is not out. Thus, we must wait and see how the situation pans out.

In all, the favourable monsoon had a positive impact on rice crops. The US, India, and Bangladesh are all set to reach new highs with a bumper harvest. The effect of the bumper harvest on market demand is yet to unfold.

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