Busting the Myths of Coronavirus and Goods Imported from China

With increasing deaths and the number of infected individuals, coronavirus has left the world’s economy dwindling. This calls for busting myths of coronavirus, food and imported goods from China.

Is it Safe to Receive a Product from China?

Several experts stated that there is no chance that virus could be transmitted from touching any surface of packaged shipped product. Further, they declared that no type of active delectable virus could travel via surface. David Evans, a professor in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Alberta states that coronavirus has a lipid bilayer — a fatty membrane. Also, it is fragile and damaged easily. If it disperses on a surface, it dries and gets inactive stuck on that surface. However, the myths of coronavirus spread faster than the actuality.

The structure of the coronavirus
The Structure of the coronavirus
Myth: Chinese Garlic Spreads Coronavirus

India imported raw and powdered garlic from China in huge quantities. However, the coronavirus fears have stopped the supply of Chinese garlic, which were in great demand until now.  Despite its toxicity levels due to bleaching, people prefer to use it over Indian variety because of its easiness to peel. However, the news of coronavirus outbreak has vanished Chinese garlic from the markets.

Ongoing myth about spreading of coronavirus by consuming chinese garlic is false. The conflicting misinformation out there resulted in digital platforms tightening the noose. Further, platforms like Twitter, Google and Instagram have started redirecting users to their home countries’ health authorities.

Myth- Consumption of Meat Spreads Coronavirus

The widespread circulation of myths regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has resulted in decreasing sales of chicken and meat. Citing this, the Poultry Farm Association organized ‘chicken mela’ in Uttar Pradesh where it provided cooked chicken meals at a very low cost. Also, the top chicken companies have declared on their social media handles that properly cooked meat is safe for consumption.

False Advisory- Homeopathic Medicines Prevent Coronavirus

The increasing myths of coronavirus are making people careless towards the threat. Also, the rumors about homeopathic medicines preventing the virus have spread. So, to clear out the doubts, the Ministry of AYUSH has issued an advisory that there is no medicine to prevent the coronavirus. Hence, people must take precautions rather than popping pills to boost their immunity. People have fallen prey to the misinformation on social media platforms. Thus, people need to identify the source of information before taking action.

In conclusion, Washing hands, wearing masks in public, staying away from public events and keeping distance from sick people is the right approach.

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