Coronavirus and Imports From China

Imports from China to India and other countries are currently negligible. Coronavirus has affected China’s economy severely and rumors on products from China continue to create panic amongst consumers. Total number of cases across the world touched 1,27,863 people with China leading the number of infected at 80,932.

Research suggests that Coronavirus, technically known as COVID-19, spreads through human to human contact. It can also spread through surfaces with droplets of infected people. However, no expert is able to confirm the exact time the virus remains active on these surfaces. Nevertheless, many experts believe the virus dies in 24 to 48 hours of remaining on surface depending on the temperature.

Is it Safe to Buy Products from China?

No coronavirus remains active on surfaces for long so this answers the major rumor about not consuming or touching packages and products from China. The virus does not remain active after 48 hours according to experts. Thereby, creating no chance of transmitting the disease to other people. This is applicable for any surface with active virus particles as they form a layer of fatty membrane around the area that can be damaged easily after drying out. According to FDA, “there is no evidence that suggests that goods imported from China have transmitted Coronavirus”.

However, customs and inspection agencies of all countries are taking necessary precautions on imports from China. This includes screening, sampling and examining the consignments thoroughly with necessary precautions. Many countries including USA are taking a risk based approach on imports from China.

Closed Factories Reopening in China

Coronavirus public health emergency caused more than 50 percent factories in China to shut down in December and January 2019. Since Chinese New Year, major companies and factories in China continued to remain closed due to Coronavirus outbreak. Owing to quarantines and controlling the spread of coronavirus in China, major companies shutdown and urged their employees to work from home.

Slowly the factories and companies in China have started to open to refill supply chains in the west, as they are very dependent on China for many products. However, export demand from China remains a concern as many countries have restricted imports from China. Restarting businesses in China is another matter of concern due to slump in demand, lack of workers, low raw material availability and increased coronavirus spread globally. Another concern remains is debt and liquidity woes faced by companies in China since the closure caused by coronavirus outbreak.

Its going to take months for global economy to recover from Coronavirus epidemic. Controlling the global spread should be the number one priority of all countries.

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