No, Chinese Food Does Not Lead to Coronavirus as Whatsapp Rumors Continue

No, Chinese Food does not lead to Coronavirus, however, Whatsapp rumors continue. People in India are spreading rumours about eating Chinese food, non veg or using products from China can lead to Coronavirus. With several deaths and infected people touching 1,00,000 globally, China originated Covid-19 has become a world health crisis.

Chinese Food Products

Since the outbreak, people visiting restaurants started inquiring about whether the restaurant uses ingredients imported from China. They demand to know that if the restaurant is using sauces imported from China. Also, people keep avoiding Chinese cuisine due to the fear of getting infected by the coronavirus. There is no chance of contracting Coronavirus until or unless body fluids of an infected person surface on any food product.

Chinese food served at a restaurant before the Coronavirus panic
Chinese food served at a restaurant before the Coronavirus panic
No Import of Food Products from China

Further, several hotel owners in Mumbai mentioned that they have started looking for alternatives for Chinese food products and stopped placing fresh orders. Also, restaurants excluded several chinese dishes from the menu until the situation normalizes. However, customers get agitated if any imported ingredient used comes from China, Singapore, Thailand or Hong Kong as claimed by restaurant ownersDistributors of food ingredients say that the import of food ingredients from China has completely stopped since the outbreak.

No Threat of Coronavirus from Chinese Food

Mumbai’s municipal corporation declared that there is no fear of getting coronavirus from properly cooked food. Besides, Dr Padmaja Keskar, BMC’s executive health officer stated that there is no risk of coronavirus as long as the food is cooked properly. Though WHO has not linked Chinese food with the virus spread, rumors monger on social media platforms. These rumours are hitting the earnings of Chinese restaurants, food importers and local eateries. Further, several other countries like the UK and Germany have recorded a drop in sales of food products imported from China. 

Fear Among workers

While consumers fear to eat Chinese food, workers at ports fear docking Singaporean cargo ship as it contained ten Chinese crew members. Though they tested negative for the virus, locals forced the state health department to screen them again. China, India’s biggest trade partner, accounts for 14% of Indian imports.  

In all, the false rumors created on social media has made people fall for the rumors. However, there is no threat of coronavirus spreading from Chinese food or meat consumption.

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