Is Organic Farming Future for Basmati Rice Industry?

The gradual increase in the use of pesticides has hindered the soil quality as well as quality of produce. Strict pesticide norms on basmati rice have been enforced in many regions including Europe and USA. Due to which basmati rice exports to Europe have lowered extremely up to 80%. Recently, Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) announced new pesticides residue norms similar to Europe. Organic Farming is the future for Basmati Rice Industry and the sooner farmers adapt the better.

Organic Farming

The way to a Better Future

To begin with, we must understand the importance of organic farming to maintain ecological balance for a cultivable future. Furthermore, organic farming is not just an alternative but our only choice to sustain plant life in future.

Organic farming emphasizes on two non-negotiable components. Firstly, to avoid agro-chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Secondly, to evade genetically modified crops. Even though this might be justified in some context say in nutritional terms, this does not stand true during other situations like yield comparisons.

Organic Parboiled Rice


Some studies depict that organic food is healthier. While few others do not display such beneficiary effect. Yet, a simple comparison test would help attain better understanding. Initially, when two grains, one organically grown and the other grown conventionally is left as bird feed, birds opt for organic grains. This observation is supported by the ICAR– Indian Institute of farming Systems Research. In addition to that, researchers reported a positive yield response on 18 crops, majorly Basmati rice. However, very few crops showed yield reduction.

Nevertheless, these results portray the abilities of organic farming as a savior to the food security of the country.

Nourishing the soil is the basis of an agricultural process. Organic farming is nourishing the soil while chemical farming focuses only on the plant. Moreover, the norms have ultimately led us to favor organic farming by reducing the use of pesticides. As the world progresses towards a greener living, we as a country must abide by the new standards, by reducing the usage of pesticides not only in Basmati rice but all crops.

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