PM Modi Addressing the Rajya Sabha

Following the motion of thanks debate, PM Narendra Modi addressed the Rajya Sabha on Monday. Improving the lives of farmers is the need of the hour, says PM Modi.

Motion of Thanks Discussion at Rajya Sabha

The debate on President’s motion of thanks went on for three days from Friday. Initially, opposition parties requested a separate discussion on the new farm laws. However, later agreed to have the debate as a part of the motion of thanks discussion. Finally, the debate concluded with 50 speakers from 25 political parties discussing their views in front of PM Modi in the parliament.

PM Modi’s Reply to the Debate

As a reply to the motion of thanks, PM Modi slammed the opposition leaders with his points. Here are the highlights of his speech. Initially, he warns the country of andolanjeevi’s that try to mislead the people of the nation. Further, he says that the said group of andolanjeevi’s always sought ways to start new Andolan (protest). Next, he requests us to steer away from “Foreign Destructive Ideology”, the new FDI.

PM Modi Comparing the New Farm Laws to Green Revolution

The country is expecting agricultural reforms for a long time. Back since Lal Bahadur Shastri time, Agri reforms are a constant topic of debate. Since then, everyone has demanded reforms. However, now the same people have taken a U-turn with the announcement of new laws. He further mentions that people have forgotten their views.

Taking forward Former PM Manmohan Singh Words

Former PM Manmohan Singh had conveyed his opinion that the Indian market is rigid and thus it is difficult for farmers to sell their products with high profits. So, he urged the government to remove all the hurdles that inhibit farmers from successfully selling their produce. Now, PM Modi claims to implement the same through the new farm laws.

Further, he went on to say that he will welcome all the abuses if the protesters agree to implement the changes and allow the benefits of new laws reach the farmers. Also, he highlights that Indian farmers have produced high harvest even during COVID times. Thus, he justifies that they must reap the benefits of new laws. Also, sympathises with the current state old farmers sitting in the cold.

PM Modi Assures that the MSP will Remain the Same

Despite the new laws, the MSP (Minimum Support Price) will remain the same, says Pm Modi. Following that, he clarifies that just the mandi will be modernized. However, the supply of affordable ration to the poor will continue as usual. Also, he highlights the NDA schemes along with Kisan Samadhi Scheme and Kisan Rail that benefits the farmers.

Lastly, Pm Modi concluded by mentioning how India managed to survive the pandemic. In all, he emphasized that India is a democratic nation, and the government will always favour its citizens.

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