Three Farm Laws were Propogated as Ordinances, Why?

Recently the three farm laws introduced in India came rather urgently in 2020. Rather than promulgating the laws by passing through Rajya and Lok Sabha, it was passed off as Ordinances.

Issuing of the 2020 Farm Laws

The newly introduced farm laws were publicized amid the raging COVID-19 pandemic. The laws being- Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce, Farmers’ Agreement on Price Assurance and Farmer Services act and Essential Commodities Act. Accordingly, the said laws directly affect the farmers with regard to their trade. Initially, in mid-September 2020 the bill was introduced in both the houses of the parliament. Soon after, on 27 September the president of India nodded for its implementation.

Issues Against the New Farm Laws

Despite farm law’s intention to help small and marginal farmers, three underlying issues irked the farmers. One, the fear that the new laws will dismantle the MSP (Minimum Support Price) and the mandi system. Second, the corporate world will take over and fix the terms. It would result in farmers not getting the right price for their crops. Finally, the way the farm laws came into the picture- as ordinances.

Making Law Through Ordinances

President formulated laws are Ordinances that are equivalent to the laws passed by the parliament. However, ordinances are issued when the parliament is unable to assemble. In other words, ordinances come into force during national emergencies and do not shout out democracy. Mainly because the President of India passes the law on Union Cabinets’ recommendations devoid of parliaments’ opinion.

The New Laws Continue to Terrorize Farmers

Even though the implementation of the new laws is on hold, farmers have no assurance. In all, Farmers question as to what was the urgency in passing these laws as ordinances? Further, the urgency of not waiting for the parliament to assemble only raises suspicion. Also, farmers are perplexed over the laws that are enacting to diminish middleman; however, they are ready to involve corporate players with dictatorship title. Mainly, farmers fear that the new laws will deregulate their products’ sale and affect their livelihood.

In all, the haste decision of passing the new farm laws amid pandemic is not favouring the government. Also bearing in mind farmers welfare, it would be apt for the government to redraft the laws. Subsequently, present it to the standing committee of Agriculture prior proceeding.

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