Dealers May Get MSME Status: Nitin Gadkari

The government of India considers MSME status for dealers to extend benefits. Nitin Gadkari announces that dealers may attain the MSME status.

MSME Status for Dealers

Addressing a virtual exhibition on ‘Construction Equipment, Technology Components and Aggregates’, Nitin Gadkari, revealed that the Union government is considering providing MSME status to dealers. This will allow them to avail of the benefits. Also, offer subsidies under various government schemes. Besides, it will provide easier access to government tenders and loans at low-interest rates.

The minister of MSMEs and Road Transport and Highways further asked the significant industries to clear the dues of MSMEs. Also, he mentioned requesting the Finance Ministry of government support for enterprises interested in making technology, training, and research centres for innovation.

MSMEs Need Government Support

The MSMEs need to register with the government for availing tariffs and tax subsidies. As the government announced six measures for MSMEs as a part of the Rs 20 crore stimulus package in mid-May. The plans, including collateral-free loans, additional debt, and equity infusion, aimed at providing relief to MSMEs for survival amid the pandemic.

In all, supporting MSMEs is essential for the growth of employment opportunities. Also, providing dealers the same benefits can give them the needed fillip to grow.

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