Bangalore and Chennai to Begin their 14 days Lockdown Today: Live India News 10 May 2021

04:47 pm (IST)

Kerala Will not Send Out Oxygen Cylinders Anymore: Says Pinarayi Vijayan

03:50 pm (IST)

Joe Biden’s Medical Advisor’s Advice to India: India Must Shut Down to Crub the Spread the Coronavirus

Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to the US President comments on the grim situation in India. He says that the COVID-19 vaccination will help in the long run but now the cou try must enter lockdown to neutralise the situation immediately.

03:15 pm (IST)

Today, the First Batch of 3.5 lakh Doses of Covishield Vaccine Arrived at Kochi Airport from Pune Around 12 pm

02:47pm (IST)

Indian Exports Continue to Grow in May

In May, India’s exports grew by 80% to $7.04 billion in the first week., reports the Ministry of Commerce.

09:47 am (IST)

Post COVID-19 Black Fungus Cases Rise in India

A life-threatening fungal infection called mucormycosis begins following the COVID-19 attack. The infection shows swelling of the eye and pain in the face, subsequently blinding the person and eventually death when left untreated.

09:10 am (IST)

China Had Discussed Weaponizing Coronavirus in 2015

A media report resurfaced that claims to have documents obtained by the US State department which clearly records China’s statement on weponising Coronavirus. Five years before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, China made the sinister prediction of World war III and weaponising COVID-19.

09:07 am (IST)

Vaccination for 18 to 44 Age Group to Begin in Karnataka Today

Even though, the vaccination drive symboliccaly began on May 1, the actual drive is yet to begin today in Karnataka. Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar tweeted regarding the avalability and commencemnt of COVID-19 vaccination for the age group of 18-44 from Monday. Further, he clarified that no walk-ins will be entertained, only the people registered on CoWin will receive the vaccination.

09:00 am (IST)

COVID-19 Update in India

As on Sunday, India’s COVID-19 tally reached 2,26,62,410 while recording 3,66,317 fresh COVID-19 cases. As of now, the recovered tally stands at 1,86,65,266, along with the 3,53,580 recoveries reported yesterday. Further, the death toll is now at 2,46,146, with the 3747 deaths reported on Sunday.

08:55 am (IST)

Chinese Rocket Long March 5B Lands in the Indian Ocean

Remnants of the Long March 5B rocket has landed in the Indian Ocean while the majority of its bulk components were destroyed while re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

08:46 am (IST)

COVID Vaccination Registration Process

Here is how you can register at COWIN Portal for a COVID vaccination appointment for 18 years and above.

08:11 am (IST)

When Should One Get Vaccinated After Recovering From COVID?

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, anyone who tested positive for COVID should get vaccinated at least two to eight weeks after a 14-day recovery from COVID-19.

If you are showing symptoms of COVID one should avoid vaccination. You should wait at least two weeks after symptoms subdue to get vaccinated.

Ideally, doctors have recommended 6-8 weeks interval between the two doses of the COVID vaccine. However, if you test COVID positive in between the two doses, doctors recommend a 2-4 week wait time till all COVID symptoms go away.

07:44 am (IST)

COVID Resource by IIT Delhi Alumni

This resource provides live tracking of vacant hospital beds, oxygen, plasma, and other necessary covid resources for multiple cities across India. Use the link below:

07:32 am (IST)

Twitter Compiles List of Verified COVID Resources

07:49 am (IST)

COVID-19 Helpline Numbers for Districts in Uttar Pradesh

COVID Helpline Numbers Released by Uttar Pradesh Government

07:00 am (IST)

Government Opens Emergency Helpline Number for Pregnant Women

National Commission for Women launched a WhatsApp helpline number (9354954224) for providing emergency medical assistance to pregnant women.

06:49 am (IST)

Indian Biotech Start-up Achieved a Breakthrough in Early Cancer Diagnosis

The recent 1000 person clinical trail proves that the test enables early detection of cancer and the stage of the cancer via a simple blood test. The said discovery was able to identify 25 different types of cancer. More significantly, it was able to detect the cancer prior the tumor development. The technique is known as HrC and has been developed by Mumbai based firm- Epigeneres Biotechnology Pvt Ltd.

06:37 am (IST)

Major Countries Have Imposed COVID-19 Travel Ban from India

Many countries have temporarily suspended flights ftom India since the hit of second wave of COVID-19 in India. First, Australia and Sri lanka banned all the incoming flights from India on the advice of health authories. Italy’s ban on Indian flights began when 23 positive cases were reported from an Indian flight. Further, the UK, Singapore, Nepal, and UAE have also placed the temporary flight ban. At the same time, Germany has permitted Indian passengers but it requests the passengers to get tested before departure and a 14 day quarantine after arrival.

04:45 am (IST)

COVID Resources in Punjab

Punjab Oxygen, Plasma, Bed Availability Resources

03:42 am (IST)

Mumbai Verified COVID Resources

Mumbai COVID Resources and Helpline Numbers

02:54 am (IST)

Bengaluru COVID Resources and Helpline Numbers

Bengaluru COVID Helpline Numbers

02:32 am (IST)

Karnataka Hospital Bed, Remdesivir and Government Helplines

Please check this verified sheet for COVID resources in Karnataka:

01:28 am (IST)

Oxygen Cylinder Resources in Delhi

Please check the below post on Instagram for Oxygen Cylinder refilling and new cylinder pick up places in Delhi:

Oxygen Cylinder Resource In Delhi

01:05 am (IST)

Follow on Twitter for Verified COVID Resources Across India

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