Timeline of COVID Deaths Due to Oxygen Shortage in India

06:20 pm (IST)

07 May 2021

More than 200 COVID Patients Have Died Due to Oxygen Shortage in India

Several hospitals across India issued SOS calls as they ran out of oxygen. The state governments pleaded to the center to increase their oxygen supply but their requests remained unanswered. The core members of the central government were busy with the elections in West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry.

In addition, the central government themselves were not prepared for the second COVID wave which left Indian citizens gasping for air. More than 14 months have passed since the pandemic began and still the state and central government have failed to improve health infrastructure of the country.

As per collated data in this timeline over 200 COVID patients have died in India due to oxygen shortage. Further, unaccounted deaths are even more for patients denied admission due to low supply of oxygen. Many COVID patients getting treated at home were unable to get oxygen cylinder and they died. These deaths don’t even make up the actual count.

Doctors and Hospital Staff Abandon Patients After the Hospital Ran Out of Oxygen

11:45 pm (IST)

05 May 2021

COVID Deaths Due to Oxygen Shortage No Less Than Genocide: Allahabad High Court

Allahabad High Court on Tuesday directed the district magistrates of Lucknow and Meerut to verify news reports on patients dying due to oxygen shortage. The court stated that “the death of COVID positive patients due to low supply of oxygen to the hospitals is a criminal act and not less than a genocide”. Further directed DMs to ensure the continuous procurement and supply of medical oxygen. Source

06:49 pm (IST)

05 May 2021

District Magistrate Confirms Five Deaths Due to Oxygen Shortage in Roorkee Hospital of Haridwar’s Uttarakhand

On Monday night Roorkee hospital ran out of oxygen for their 85 critical bed facility. The staff made arrangements for 20 oxygen cylinders but 5 COVID patients lost their life confirmed Haridwar district magistrate. Source

05:42 pm (IST)

05 May 2021

Karnataka High Court Directs Seizure Of Hospital Records Relating To Oxygen Supply

Karnataka high court stepped in after 24 Deaths were reported in Chamarajanagar due to oxygen shortage. The court directed chief secretary of the state of immediately seize the entire record of oxygen supply of the concerned hospital in Chamarajanagar. Source

02:36 pm (IST)

05 May 2021

7 Deaths Reported in Kalaburagi and Belagavi Districts in Karnataka

Four COVID patients died in Government hospital in Kalaburagi while three deaths confirmed in Government hospital in Belgavi. As per reports, all patients died due to oxygen shortage. However, government officials denied the claims. Source

12:44 pm (IST)

05 May 2021

13 COVID Positive Patients Die in Tamil Nadu, Families Blame Low Oxygen Supply

Chengalpattu district in Tamil Nadu reported 1500 plus cases in a day. This hike led to an increase in deaths due to oxygen shortage. Officials denied the claim that 13 COVID patients died due oxygen scarcity in 24 hours. However, relatives of the deceased confirmed the reports that the patients died due to low oxygen supply. Source

12:21 pm (IST)

05 May 2021

Several Hospitals in Gurugram Stop Operations Due to Low Oxygen Supply

With COVID cases rising in Gurugram district many hospitals are running out of oxygen. Hospital officials were quoted saying that they have stopped operations and cannot admit new patients. Over 15 COVID-19 patients in Gurugram lost their lives due to oxygen shortage. Source

06:03 am (IST)

05 May 2021

“Take Necessary Steps to Save Lives”: Punjab and Haryana High Court to Central Government

Punjab and Haryana high court directed the central government to take the necessary steps to save the lives of people dying due to oxygen shortage. The government needs to sort the supply of oxygen and create buffer stock. The court was concerned about the oxygen supply situation in Haryana.

COVID Crisis in India as Cases Cross 20 Million

05:50 am (IST)

05 May 2021

Former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah Claims Over 28 COVID Patients Died of Oxygen Shortage in Chamarajanagar

Mr Siddaramaiah visited Chamarajanagar on Tuesday to ascertain the actual number of deaths due to low oxygen supply. He demanded a compensation of 25 Lakhs to the next kin of the deceased patients. State government claimed that only three patients died due to oxygen shortage in Chamarajanagar. However, after cross examination with the hospital authorities a total of 28 COVID patients had died due to oxygen shortage in the district in 24 hours. Source

Oxygen Supply Crisis in India Due to COVID-19

06:49 pm (IST)

03 May 2021

Congress Claims Many COVID Deaths in Goa Due to Lack of Oxygen

A letter written by resident doctors at the government hospital claimed that many COVID-positive patients died due to oxygen shortage at the hospital. Congress wants the CM booked for hiding and covering up the cause of deaths. Source

COVID Patients Die in India Due to Oxygen Shortage

02:34 pm (IST)

03 May 2021

Oxygen Shortage Crisis Deepens in Karnataka as 24 Deaths Reported in Chamarajanagar

Tragedy struck in Chamarajanagar as 24 deaths were reported due to oxygen shortage at district COVID hospital. Relatives of the patients confirmed that the deaths were caused by the hospital running out of oxygen early morning on the 2nd of May. However, district officials claimed that only 12 patients died due to oxygen shortage and the rest due to comorbidities.

06:32 pm (IST)

02 May 2021

Several Deaths Due at Chhatarpur Hospital in Madhya Pradesh Due to Lack of Oxygen

Families of several COVID-positive patients who passed away claimed that they died due to oxygen shortage. Doctors at Chhatarpur hospital tried to divert oxygen from non-serious patients to serious patients but that created a ruckus between attendants and doctors. Read More

05:49 pm (IST)

02 May 2021

Four Deaths Reported in Jammu and Kashmir Due to Oxygen Shortage

Four patients admitted at ASCOMS hospital in Jammu and Kashmir were undergoing treatment for COVID-19. However, shortage of medical oxygen led to their untimely deaths. Families of the patients alledged that they died due to lack of oxygen but the hospital authorities denied the claim. Source

09:52 am (IST)

02 May 2021

16 COVID-19 Patients Die in Andhra Pradesh Due to Lack of Oxygen Supply

Five COVID patients admitted to a private hospital in Kurnool and eleven patients at a government hospital in Anantpur died due to oxygen shortage. However, authorities denied the claim that all sixteen patients died due to oxygen shortage. Source

09:03 am (IST)

02 May 2021

Two Die in Karnataka Due to Oxygen Supply Shortage

 As per reports, two COVID patients admitted at KBN hospital in Kalaburagi in Karnataka died due to oxygen shortage. The hospital was receiving close to 60 oxygen cylinders everyday from Raichur district. However, since 29th of April supply was stopped and the hospital ran out of oxygen. Source

09:20 am (IST)

01 May 2021

No Shortage of Medical Oxygen in the Country: Centre Tells Supreme Court

The central government told the supreme court today that the Country has surplus oxygen and there is no shortage. However, the ground report tells a different picture as hospitals across India are issuing SOS calls for oxygen supply.

09:11 am (IST)

01 May 2021

Even Tier Two Cities in Karnataka Struggling With Oxygen Supply

Along with Bengaluru, Kolar, and Mysuru, four other districts have reported deaths due to oxygen shortage. The sudden rise of COVID cases in Karnataka led to an acute shortage in the supply of oxygen.

09:00 am (IST)

01 May 2021

Twelve Deaths Reported at Batra Hospital in Delhi Due to Oxygen Shortage

Doctors at Batra Hospital have been issuing SOS calls for the past one week on critical levels of oxygen supply. Twelve deaths were reported on Friday due to oxygen shortage including Dr. R K Himthani head of the gastroenteritis department. The hospital has 327 patients admitted out of which 48 are in the intensive care unit. Gross mismanagement by the Delhi and Central government lead to these avoidable deaths. The least citizens can expect from the government is not to play politics during the COVID crisis.

11:51 pm (IST)

30 April 2021

Two Die in a Private Hospital in Tamil Nadu, Kin Allege Oxygen Shortage as Cause

Two deaths were reported in a private hospital in Salem, Tamil Nadu. Patients hailed from Alagapuram and M. Kollapatti and were admitted after testing positive for COVID-19. The condition of the patients deteriorated and oxygen supply shortage led to their death. Source

09:57 am (IST)

30 April 2021

Government’s Mistakes in Handling COVID in India Led to Avoidable Deaths Due to Oxygen Supply Scarcity

  1. Inefficient war rooms in UP and Delhi.
  2. Government apps (CoWIN and Aarogya Setu) unable to integrate hospital bed and oxygen cylinders availability.
  3. Central COVID task force that rarely meets.
  4. Almost a year and still not received 50000 Made in India Ventilators.
  5. Hardly any improvement in health infrastructure after the pandemic hit India in February 2020.
  6. Zero planning on distribution and transportation of oxygen cylinders across different states in India.
  7. Delay in building oxygen plants by states and the centre.
Governments mistakes in handling COVID crisis in India

11:12 pm (IST)

28 April 2021

200 Teachers on Panchayat Election Duty in Uttar Pradesh Die of COVID-19

Allahabad high court issued a notice to Uttar Pradesh state election commission asking why it failed to check non compliance of COVID guidelines. As per reports over 2000 teachers, shisksha mitras and investigators tested COVID positive on panchayat election duty. Many out of these deaths were due to oxygen supply shortage at the hospitals. Source

10:57 pm (IST)

28 April 2021

We Have to Compensate People Dying Due to Lack of Oxygen: Delhi High Court

The high court directed Delhi Government to file a report on the number of deaths due to oxygen shortage at hospitals and nursing homes. Further, the court directed the government to compensate the families of the deceased. Source

01:06 pm (IST)

28 April 2021

COVID Patient Dies as Haryana Police Stops his Vehicle Carrying 2 Oxygen Cylinders

A man from Punjab’s Sangrur district was stopped by Haryana Police on his way to Ghaziabad in UP. He was carrying two oxygen cylinders in his car for his relative in Ghaziabad who was COVID positive. This police had asked him to show papers but he instead did a video call with the COVID patient admitted in the hospital. The police held his vehicle and seized the phone for more than 8 hours during which the patient passed away. Source

01:57 am (IST)

27 April 2021

Five Die in a Private Hospital in Hisar District of Haryana Due to Shortage of Medical Oxygen

Families of the COVID patients who passed away alleged that they died due to oxygen shortage. The government ordered probe and Chief Medical Officer of Hisar set to investigate the incident. Source

01:14 am (IST)

27 April 2021

Five Deaths Reported in Thane Due to Oxygen Shortage

Four deaths reported in Vedant hospital in Thane due to lack of oxygen. Families of the relatives confirmed the cause of death. Further, Thane district collector initiated an inquiry into the deaths of patients. Source

01:05 am (IST)

27 April 2021

Many Hospitals in Meerut Report Deaths due to Oxygen Shortage

A patient outside a hospital in Meerut confirmed that almost 10 people died due to the non-availability of oxygen. However, an administration official denied the claim saying the government is doing as much as possible. Watch the video

02:06 pm (IST)

26 April 2021

PGIMS Rohtak Stops Admissions of COVID 19 Patients Due to Oxygen Supply Shortage

Oxygen shortage hit Rohtak as COVID cases jumped in the district. PGIMS stopped admissions of new COVID patients due to limited oxygen supply. The hospital currently has 330 COVID patients admitted. Deaths of COVID patients due to oxygen shortage were already reported in Gurugram and Rewari districts of Haryana.

11:45 pm (IST)

26 April 2021

Two Die in Gurgaon Due to Oxygen Shortage

Two patients admitted to the Center of Diabetes and Allied Sciences died on Sunday due to lack of oxygen. The hospital authorities confirmed that they informed the authorities about oxygen shortage but their request went in vain. Source

Oxygen Shortage in India Leaves People Begging for Air

11:08 am (IST)

26 April 2021

Technical Glitch in Oxygen Supply Leads to Two Deaths in Andhra Pradesh

Oxygen supply at Maharajah hospital led to the deaths of two COVID patients. The high-pressure medical oxygen supply was suddenly disrupted leading to unfortunate deaths. Unconfirmed sources confirmed the death toll was five patients due to an oxygen supply glitch.

10:11 am (IST)

26 April 2021

Probe Ordered as Eight Die in Haryana Hospitals Due to Oxygen Shortage

Due to lack of oxygen 4 COVID patients died at Virat hospital’s COVID facility. While four deaths were reported in Gurugram hospital due to an oxygen supply shortage. The district administration issued an inquiry into the deaths. Source

02:47 pm (IST)

25 April 2021

More than 10 COVID Patients Die in Gujarat Due to Oxygen Shortage

As COVID second wave gripped India, many hospitals in Gujarat are facing a severe shortage of oxygen supply. As per reports, four patients died in a private hospital in Rajkot on Friday due to a lack of oxygen supply. Further, six more patients had died in a private hospital in Navsari. Also, several deaths were reported in a Banaskantha hospital after it ran out of oxygen.

“Oxygen supply shortage is being faced by hospitals in several districts in Gujarat including Rajkot, Mehsana, Sabarkantha, and Surendranagar,” a senior doctor said. He said the supply of medical grade oxygen is not able to match the demand, which is rising due to the inflow of patients. Source

07:46 am (IST)

25 April 2021

Delhi’s Penatamed Hospital Reports Severe Oxygen Shortage, 50 Patients in Danger

The hospital representative confirmed that over 50 COVID positive patients are in danger due to an acute shortage of oxygen. They sent 50 cylinders for refilling on Saturday but not even one came back. Source

07:22 pm (IST)

24 April 2021

25 COVID-19 Positive Patients Die at Jaipur Golden Hospital Due to Oxygen Supply Shortage

As per reports, a total of 25 COVID positive patients died between 23rd and 24th April in Jaipur Golden Hospital Delhi due to oxygen shortage. The hospital sent several SOS calls to the government and authorities in charge for 3600 metric tons of oxygen but received 1500 tons only. Source

06:31 pm (IST)

24 April 2021

Hold the Central Government Responsible for Deaths Due to Oxygen Shortage: Congress Leader Anand Sharma

The second COVID wave has hit India hard and at the centre of discussion is the government. Congress leader Mr Anand Sharma criticised the central government on their handling of COVID second wave.

03:39 pm (IST)

24 April 2021

Two Deaths Reported in Gwalior MP Due to Acute Oxygen Supply Shortage

As scarcity of oxygen gripped Madhya Pradesh, two die at state-run Jaya Arogya Hospital. The private hospital in Gwalior ran out of oxygen and the two critical patients were being shifted elsewhere but both passed away in between. As per reports from elsewhere, more than 20 COVID patients died in Gwalior due to shortage of oxygen supply. Hospitals across the district issued SOS calls to the administrators for increase in supply of oxygen. Source

02:30 pm (IST)

24 April 2021

Six COVID Patients Die in Punjab Due to No Oxygen

Five COVID patients died at Neelkanth Multispeciality Hospital and one died at another private hospital in Amritsar due to oxygen shortage. Officials at Neelkanth hospital alleged that they sent several appeals to the state government but there was no reply or action. Source

10:45 am (IST)

23 April 2021

25 COVID Patients Die at Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram as the Hospital Runs Out of Oxygen

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital reported that 25 patients lost their lives due to low oxygen flow owing to the shortage. Another 60 patients are on oxygen support and with limited supply, their lives could be in danger. Source

10:11 am (IST)

23 April 2021

Several Hospitals in Delhi Issue SOS Call for Oxygen

As COVID cases in India’s capital increased, the hospitals in Delhi are facing an acute shortage of oxygen supply. Oxygen and hospital beds remain a major issue across Delhi due to inadequate health infrastructure and massive surge in new COVID cases. The Supreme Court asked the government to formulate a “national plan” on the supply of oxygen and COVID essential drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. Source

SOS Calls on Social Media by Hospitals

10:06 am (IST)

23 April 2021

Uttar Pradesh Health Infrastructure in Crumbles Due to Oxygen and Bed Shortage, Crematoriums Crowded Above Capacity

The UP Government in a denial mode stated there is no oxygen shortage in the state. However, ground report gave a different picture:

  • On Thursday two private hospitals in Gautam Buddh Nagar District with around 600 COVID-19 patients gave out SOS calls for oxygen supply and they had only a few hours oxygen left.
  • Officials of Kailash Hospital in Sector 27 confirmed that their resources are already “overstretched” and the staff was working beyond duty hours to tackle the huge number of COVID patients. The hospital currently holds around 450 patients across their four facilities in the Gautam Buddh Nagar district.
  • 150 COVID patients at Prakash Hospital in Sector 31 were at risk as oxygen shortage loomed. The hospital gave out an SOS call as they had oxygen for seven-eight hours. Both Kailash hospital and Prakash hospital stopped new admissions due to inadequate oxygen supply.
  • Other than Kailash and Prakash hospitals, attendants many other hospitals in Noida and Greater Noida reported difficulty in finding oxygen for patients battling COVID-19.
  • Trimurti Hospital in Varanasi ran out of medical oxygen. Nine COVID-19 patients had to be shifted to the BHU Trauma Centre in Varanasi on Thursday due to the lack of liquid medical oxygen at Trimurti hospital.

Read More

06:00 pm (IST)

21 April 2021

Hospitals Turn Away COVID Patients Due to Limited Oxygen Supply in Lucknow

Many hospitals across Lucknow are rejecting admissions to COVID positive patients as they don’t have oxygen supply. Mayo hospital issued a notice and pasted it outside the hospital requesting family members of admitted patients to take them to other hospitals as there is no oxygen left in the hospital. Hospital authorities requested the government multiple times for oxygen supply but were left in vain.

12:00 pm (IST)

21 April 2021

Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission Seeks Report on Two Patients Death due to Lack of Oxygen Supply in Kota

Deaths of two patients in Kota due to oxygen shortage led Rajasthan State human rights commission to step in and seek report from the authorities in charge of oxygen supply. The relatives of the deceased claimed that the patients died due to oxygen supply disruption in the COVID hospital. Source

02:52 pm (IST)

21 April 2021

Five COVID Patients Die of Oxygen Shortage in Uttar Pradesh

Five COVID patients on a ventilator in a private hospital in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh die due to oxygen shortage. The families of the patients confirmed death due to no oxygen supply but the hospital authorities denied the claim. They alleged that the patients were critically ill. However, the hospital had issued an SOS call to the authorities for oxygen supply at 09:00 pm which they claimed to be a mere coincidence. Source

02:49 pm (IST)

21 April 2021

24 COVID Patients Die Due to Oxygen Gas Leak in Nashik

Twenty four COVID patients admitted at Dr. Zakir Hussain Hospital in Nashik Maharashtra lost their lives owing to leak in medical oxygen tank. Disruption in the oxygen supply after gas leak valve malfunction lead to the unfortunate deaths. Source

09:23 pm (IST)

20 April 2021

Doctors at Nagpur Hospital Confirm Many Deaths Due to Oxygen and Other Necessary COVID Supplies Shortage

The situation in Nagpur due to increasing COVID cases led the hospitals to put three patients on one bed. Further, oxygen supplies were limited which led to many avoidable deaths. Looking at failed health infrastructure and dire situation, the doctors of this hospital often break down emotionally after work. Source

03:29 am (IST)

19 April 2021

12 COVID Patients Die in Madhya Pradesh Due as Oxygen Runs Out at Night

Oxygen demand in Madhya Pradesh jumped from 64 metric tons in March to 330 metric tons in April. This was due to the rise in COVID positive cases in the state. Twelve COVID positive patients at the ICU ward of Shahdol Medical College died due to oxygen shortage. The hospital made several SOS calls after the oxygen level dropped but the supply truck was stuck at Damoh 240 km away. Source

MP Minister Denies Deaths Due to Oxygen Shortage at Shahdol Medical College

01:01 am (IST)

19 April 2021

COVID Cases Surge in Delhi as Oxygen, Beds and Critical Medicine Shortage Reported

Delhi reported 24,638 COVID cases and 249 deaths in the last 24 hours. The sudden rise of COVID cases brought the capital’s health infrastructure on the verge of collapse. Critical shortages of hospital beds, medicines, and oxygen reported in Delhi. Several hospitals across Delhi issued SOS calls for oxygen as they only had oxygen left for a few hours. Delhi high court slammed the central government on oxygen shortage in the capital. Source

05:44 pm (IST)

19 April 2021

Five Die in Vellore District of Tamil Nadu Due to Oxygen Shortage

Five die at Vellore Adukkamparai Government Hospital due to oxygen shortage. Relative of one of the patients stated that “The oxygen supply stopped around 12 noon and they were using cylinders to keep patients going. By 2 pm, they were completely out of oxygen. My mother’s oxygen levels then dipped from 92 to 30,” alleges Gopinath. “When we began to inquire, the hospital staff said they were looking into it. Her oxygen levels then further dipped to 9 and her pulse stopped. Then they just claimed she died because of the infection.” Source

07:37 pm (IST)

18 April 2021

Maharashtra Minister Mr Tope Denies Any Deaths in Maharashtra Due to Oxygen Shortage

Maharashtra health minister says no COVID positive patient died in any state-run hospital in Maharashtra due to oxygen shortage. Mr. Tope accused the media of false and incorrect reporting. Source

09:42 am (IST)

16 April 2021

One Death in Malegaon Due to Oxygen Shortage Rings Supply Alarm Bells

A 66-year-old man admitted at IMA Malegaon for the past 8 days on oxygen support passed away as the hospital ran out of oxygen. Source

11:08 am (IST)

15 April 2021

Many Die in Gujarat Due to Denied Admission at Hospitals Owing to Oxygen Shortage

Professor Indrani Bannerjee of Central University, Gandhinagar tested positive for COVID-19 and died last week as she was turned down by the government civil hospital in the state capital Gandhinagar and a private hospital in Ahmedabad. These hospitals claimed that there was no oxygen and ICU facility available.

Further many patients passed away due to the shortage of oxygen and COVID beds in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, and Surendranagar. Source

10:43 pm (IST)

14 April 2021

Hospitals Turn Away Critical Patients in Maharashtra Due to Oxygen Shortage

Families of critically ill COVID patients alleged that Riddhivinayak and Vinayaka hospital in Maharashtra are turning away patients due to oxygen shortage. This came after 10 patients admitted at these hospitals died due to oxygen shortage. Source

11:29 am (IST)

14 April 2021

Three Die Due to Oxygen Shortage at Riddhivinayak Hospital in Nalasopara 

Three deaths confirmed at Riddhivinayak hospital due to oxygen shortage. The relatives of the people who passed away confirmed that they died due to shortage of oxygen. However, the hospital authorities denied the claim saying the patients were already in critical condition when they arrived. Source

02:08 pm (IST)

13 April 2021

Seven Deaths at Vinayaka Hospital in Palghar District of Maharashtra Due to Oxygen Shortage

Seven COVID-19 patients died due to oxygen shortage at Vinayaka Hospital in Nala Sopara, Maharashtra. The relatives of the seven people who died blamed the shortage of oxygen and irresponsibility of the doctors in the hospital.

The local MLA Mr. Kshitij Thakur had tweeted a day earlier about oxygen shortage in Vasai Taluka, Palghar District. Source

10:37 pm (IST)

12 April 2021

COVID Positive Woman Dies in Pune After Searching for a Oxygen Bed for 7 Hours

Nanda Binawat passed away as she reached Sassoon hospital after getting rejected by multiple hospitals due to non-availability of oxygen beds. Her husband took her to almost 6 hospitals and they all rejected them. Further, they made 10-20 phone calls to various hospitals across Pune but couldn’t find her a bed. Source

12:06 am (IST)

09 April 2021

No Medical Oxygen Supply Shortage in Madhya Pradesh: CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

03:47 pm (IST)

08 April 2021

Oxygen Shortage Alarm Bells Rang First in Nashik on 8th of April

There was a sudden increase in COVID cases in Nashik which led to Oxygen shortage. One critical patient was asked to move from a private hospital in Nashik as there was no oxygen. There was no oxygen supply to the hospital which led the hospital to shift all critical patients to different hospitals. All hospitals in Nashik were facing an acute shortage of oxygen at that time. Source

03:47 pm (IST)

08 April 2021

Indore Faces Acute Shortage of Oxygen and Remdesivir

Indore witnessed a rise in COVID cases which led to a shortage of Remdesivir. As demand for oxygen jumped due to an increase in the number of people getting admitted to hospitals, the government stopped the oxygen supply. Source

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