10 Crore Framers Receive 6th PM Kisan Instalment

The PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme sends Rs. 6000 annually to the bank accounts of all registered farmers. Further, the government has added another 4.5 crore beneficiaries to the scheme. Accordingly, the sixth instalment worth Rs. 2000 is being sent to farmers from the first of this month.

Contact, if You Haven’t Received the Instalment Yet

This year, the government is looking to increase the beneficiaries of this scheme to 14 crore farmers. For registration, the farmers must visit the official website of the programme. (https://pmkisan.gov.in/)

After registration, in case the farmers don’t receive the instalment, then they can contact the following helplines:

  1. PM Kisan Helpline- 155261or 1800115526 (toll free)
  2. Agricultural ministry- 011-23381092

Further, they can also mail their grievances to pmkisan-ict@gov.in. Also, they can contact the district agricultural officer or accountant.

The Official Website of PM Kisan Scheme. On the Top Right is the Farmer's Corner
The Official Website of PM Kisan Scheme. On the Top Right is the Farmer’s Corner

Method to Check PM Kisan Status/List

To find out if the farmer is selected as a beneficiary, they can go to the following website to do so: https://pmkisan.gov.in/. On the homepage, please select the farmer’s corner option on the homepage. In the farmer’s corner, you’ll find the beneficiary status or the list.

In case the farmer hasn’t registered for the scheme yet, he can get enrolled on the website as well. To do so, in the farmer’s corner, please select the “New Farmer Registration” option. If registering for the first time, please enter the relevant Aadhar and phone details and submit it. If there are any issues regarding the list or the registration process, then the following helplines can be contacted.

  1. PM Kisan Helpline numbers: 155261, 01206025109 or 23382401
  2. PM Kisan Landline numbers: 011-23381092 or 2338240

Also, one can use the said e-mail address.

PM Kisan Scheme and Lockdown

The PM Kisan scheme, initiated in December 2018 to help medium and small scale farmers. Later, it was extended to all farmers because of falling outputs. According to the Delhi-NCR Coronavirus Telephone Survey Round 3 conducted by NCAER, farm income has not been impacted much due to the pandemic. 32% of farmers suffered from losses, but it was less than other casual workers (73%) and business households (70%). Though farmers have suffered losses, it has been much higher for other informal workers.

Further, in April and May, 21% of the 632 households received either Rs. 2000 or Rs.4000 through the PM Kisan scheme. In comparison to other rural farmer families who are non-recipients of the programme, the recipients have better living standards. Also, note that the recipients are better than most of the other rural families as well. Therefore, the lessening of economic distress cannot be attributed to the scheme alone.

PM Kisan Scheme not Reaching all Eligible Farmers in India

The PM Kisan Scheme is not benefiting all farmers. In UP, Haryana and Rajasthan only 21% of farmers with land received benefits. Further, 1.3 crore farmers were not able to receive benefits due to Aadhar and Bank account verification issues. The scheme also targets the percentage of the rural population that is better and doesn’t support the people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Despite the pros of the scheme ensuring farmer’s welfare, it is essential to evaluate the targeting of the programme. In all, the government must make sure that the scheme reaches everyone. Also, it is vital to focus on other informal sectors that are also struggling.

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