Xi’s Strategy Behind China vs. the World

China faces denunciation over its hostile policies deteriorating its relations with several countries. Here’s all about Xi’s strategy behind China versus the World.

China vs World

Xi Jinping’s centralized approach has created a hostile international environment for the country. China has taken a series of decisions over the last few months, earning international condemnations. Recently, China ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston responding to the US’s action and thus falling in further rivalries with the US. Also, it entered into a border war with India that damaged its relations. As a result, 59 Chinese apps have been banned in the country. Furthermore, it has ruled out possibilities of business due to its actions.

Further, the country has put an end to the ‘golden era relations’ with the UK as the country has blocked the tech giant Huawei. Besides, it has imposed 80% tariffs on Australian barley and sentenced an Australian man to death as a retaliation of an inquiry about COVID made by Australia. All its actions pave the way towards a highly violent China vs the world feud.

China's Relationship With Several Countries Deteriorates
China’s Relationship With Several Countries Deteriorates

Inside Disputes

More countries have started expressing their disapproval on China’s drastic national security law on Honk Kong. The mass detention of Uighurs and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang has revealed China’s intentions very well. An expert on governance in China, Minxin Pei, said that voices of dissent in the internal system are not being heard, which is leading to one mistake after another.

While several western countries are struggling to contain the pandemic, China criticizes their COVID response. Probably, the government has not been able to digest the dissent of its people. This is the reason for the detention of prominent law professors and young internet activists after they criticized the government. However, officials claim that country is only defending its interests.

Xi’s strategy

Though it is challenging to estimate public opinion in China due to strict censorship, a recent Harvard Study revealed increased satisfaction levels among Chinese in 2016 as compared to 2003. Rana Mitter, director of the University of Oxford China Center, said that the government is no longer a separate entity under Xi as it used to be a decade ago. Xi’s position is secure because of success in containing the pandemic.

Even though the country shows worrying trends in retail sales, the economic data indicates its steps to recovery. Xi knows the importance of public sentiment to gather the support of senior Communist Party leaders to continue his rule. This justifies his actions of spending billions on upgrading military and tightening grip over Honk Kong.

In all, this is what we may call as the over-concentration of power. China’s narrow self-interest approach will not only have reputational consequences, but it will also bear economic costs.

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