World’s First Reinfection of Coronavirus Case Confirmed in Hong Kong, Immunity for COVID Not Lifelong

The first reinfection coronavirus case reported in Hong Kong. Immunity for COVID is not lifelong says an expert.

First Case of COVID Reinfection

Researchers at Hong Kong confirms the first reinfection of coronavirus. A 33-year-old man’s PCR swab test came positive. The man tested positive first for coronavirus four months back. He travelled to Spain and had returned to Hong Kong via London. Researchers said that the man’s viral signature belonged to different coronavirus lineage form the first time he tested for the virus.

A microbiologist and lead author, Kelvin Kai-Wang To, said that the reinfection does not mean that vaccines will not be beneficial. The doctor added that the immunity induced by the vaccine and the virus is different, and hence we need to wait for vaccine trials to see its effectiveness.

The news of the resurgence of the virus started in Belgium and the Netherlands on 24th August. The two countries confirm two patients getting an infection after recovering from the virus. However, one patient was reported as having a weak immune system. Virologist Marion Koopmans said that viruses could stay for a long time with mild symptoms. Also, she emphasized the need for genetic testing of the virus to check for differences.

Can’t Conflate Vaccination Coverage with Immunity: WHO

Dr Aylward, the Senior Advisor on Organizational Change to the Director-General, said that the availability of vaccines wouldn’t help everyone. Though experts know that exposure to virus develops antibodies, they don’t have enough data about how strong the response is. Besides, it is a challenge to determine how long it lasts and how it may vary from person to person. Similarly, research indicates the presence of antibodies for COVID in only 10% of the global population, leaving a large community susceptible to the virus.

In all, considering the reinfection, the coronavirus will have longer stay in the world, and hence we need to be extra cautious while adapting to the new normal.

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