Plutus Plus: Natural Brand Providing Farm-fresh Skincare for all

An expert in marketing and business development, Mridulla Bhardwaj has created a sustainable business model that offers the best skincare to all and ensures maximum environment welfare.

Plutus Plus- A Start-up Catering To Natural Skincare Needs

‘We were no exception to the numerous cosmetic products advertised promising a healthy skin’, says Ms Bhardwaj, one of the two founders of Plutusplus Pvt Limited, a start-up catering to natural skincare needs.  However, her concern for exposure to harmful chemicals in these products motivated her to share her grandma’s skincare secrets with everyone.

Quest For The Best In Natural Skincare

Mirdulla, in her early childhood, would see her grandmother tending herbs and plants in her garden. Further, she adds that her grandmother would explain how to cherish the beauty of these indigenous ingredients’ therapeutic properties. ‘I used her methodology and brewing formulas to prepare traditional soaps, oils and ubtans. To my surprise, it had an unexpected and magical impact on our kids’, says Mridulla. Today, she uses these lessons to guide the composition of skincare and bath essentials offered by Plutus Plus, safeguarding the ancient traditions and promoting organic skincare products.

The Business Model-Cold Press Technique And Environment-friendly Packaging

‘We use cold-press technique to make our skincare essentials to preserve nutrients of the ingredients used’ explains Mridulla. Further, she claims that all Plutus Plus products are paraben and sulphate free. Handcrafted in small batches, the process of making soaps and oils begins with careful assessment and measurement of all ingredients. Thereafter, they hand blend each component to integrate all oils, infusions and botanicals. Then, raw soaps formed are set in simple moulds, hand-cut and then batch stamped. Finally, keeping in mind the environment welfare, they use glass bottles for packaging.

100% Women Driven Organization

Plutusplus is an all-women created and driven organization. That said, the organization provides employment opportunities to local women. Also, it allows them to work from the comfort of their home and use technology to generate business. Moreover, it sources raw materials from local farmers, giving a platform to Indian herbs.

To conclude, the increased awareness among Indian consumers has provided opportunities to clean skincare start-ups like Plutusplus.  As Ms Bhardwaj puts it, ‘ours is a story of affection and purity, and we are ready to take it to the global stage.’

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