Alpha Planters: Taking Urban Gardening To The Next Level

A certified journeyman technician and entrepreneur, Nitin Lalit is doing more than anyone to find innovative solutions to gardening issues and make it a hassle-free experience for all.

‘Access to chemical-free, natural food is the key to one’s health’ says Nitin Lalit, inventor of Alpha Planters.  However, not everybody has access to farmlands. With this aim of making organic food available to those living in cities, he returned to India from Canada in April 2016 and started Alpha Planters.

Well Designed and Tested Solution, Not Just A Band-aid Fix

‘Starting from scratch was not easy’, said Mr Lalit while demonstrating the assembling of different types of planters.  We have always seen gardening as a complex activity that either requires a gardener or a lot of time. Nitin explains that setting up a fruitful garden is all about the right equipment, which Alpha Planters has developed. These carefully designed and tested planters provide adequate space to the plant to grow. Besides, they are sustainable as they are 40 to 90% recyclable by weight.

What’s Different In Alpha Planters?

While traditional planters have a tightly packed structure that hinders the plant’s proper growth, Alpha planters allow plants to develop fully. These modular portable planters are made of steel and aluminium and hence lightweight and rustproof.  It has drop like structured air pockets around it that facilitates proper aeration and hydration through vapor lock  providing conducive root zone climate like “rain-forests”. Also, there is a plate at the bottom, separating the plant from the water reservoir. This allows plants to take nutrient-rich water as and when required and eliminates the problems of under watering, overwatering, leaching and frequent hoeing.

‘This is fresh, and I like to eat this way, and I think everybody would like to know what home-grown vegetables taste like’ says Nitin while plucking tomatoes from his Consumer Experience Centre in Karnal. While most sectors of the economy looked gloomy during Covid, the gardening business took a turn. ‘All thanks to increased awareness among people to eat clean’, explains Mr Lalit.

Alpha Planters have invented a solution to all gardening problems. The planters come in various sizes and shapes that support today’s gardening needs. In all, it gives you a rich gardening experience.

‘The quantity and quality of vegetables and plants that Alpha Planters produce with minimum efforts is unbelievable’. Given the increasing water scarcity and climate change, such start-ups are boon ‘says one of the repeating customers. 

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