Mahila Coir Yojana (MCY) For Skill Up Gradation

Mahila Coir Yojana (MCY), prioritizing women artisan’s growth by creating abundant self-employment opportunities in India. Subsequently, Mahila Coir Yojana offers financial aid that is 75% of estimate cost as a one-time subsidy. However, the aid is up to Rs 7,500 for motorized Ratt while traditional motorized and electronic Ratt receives Rs 3,200. Furthermore, encouragement towards women training in the coir manufacturing industry is prevalent.

Vision of the Mahila Coir Yojana Scheme 

The chief agenda of the Mahila Coir Yojana scheme is to support rural women. Thus, they aim to assist women in becoming self-sufficient by granting appropriate training. Further on, the training would aid in their advancement. Hence, they become capable of attaining economical empowerment. Subsequently, the success of the scheme would flourish as women achieve economic stability. Moreover, it acts as a significant foundation for the career development of rural women.

Significant Features of Mahila Coir Yojana Scheme
  1. This is a joint venture undertaken by the Coir Board of India in association with the Government of India.
  2. Despite the training in technical operating, they also assist in the procurement of the machines.
  3. The training will last for two months exclusively for women of all creed.
  4. The trainees shall receive a stipend of Rs 1000 per month.
  5. Following the successful completion of the training, the government offers machines at lower rates.
  6. Till date, it is observed that the scheme has a successful record. Accordingly, over 1600 women artisan have completed the training.
  7. Mainly focuses on coir producing regions including:
Skill Up Gradation and Mahila Coir Yojana Main Producing Regions in India
  1. Training is available at the regions with coir production.
  2. Further, it would focus on spinning, weaving, field training in the rural training.
  3. Training would also cover the repair and maintenance of the unit.
Criteria for Eligibility Under the MCY 

Any women on successful completion of the training can avail of the subsidy benefits of the MCY scheme. However, priority is given to rural women with a motive to improve in this sector. Consequently, click here to check the eligibility.

Nature of Assistance 

The rate of subsidy differs with the spinning equipment, the same is discussed in detail hereon:

  1. Electronic Ratt: 75% subsidy with up to Rs 3,200 limit. Further, 25% is the machinery contribution.
  2. Motorized Electronic Ratt: This is exactly similar to the subsidy of electronic ratt. Also, the machinery contribution is the same.
  3. Motorized Ratt: 75% subsidy with up to Rs 7,500 limit. Also, a 25% machinery contribution.
MAHILA COIR YOJANA Offering Additional Subsidy

The Coir Board has officially extended its Subsidy to few machines. Nonetheless, this is applicable only for women artisans. Subsequently, the list of machines is:

  1. Willowing machine
  2. Anugraha Loom (geo textiles and matting)
  3. Cotton hand loom stitching machine
  4. Automatic yarn spinner
  5. Brush making unit
  6. Coir pith Compost unit
  7. Mats or matting unit
  8. Coir wood molded articles
  9. Pot making unit
  10. Coir handicraft manufacturing unit
  11. Coco pole
  12. Manual Dyeing
  13. Bleaching unit
Application Process to Enroll Under Mahila Coir Yojana
  1. The applicant must prepare an outline of the agenda that involves the cost, specifications, and source of machines. Further, receives approval from the officials under the scheme.
  2. Consequently, open a bank account exclusively for the MCY transactions by Regional Office (RS) or Sub-regional Office (SRO).
  3. Following that, open an account in the post office or the respective bank.
  4. Further, deposit the amount (machinery contribution) in the account .
Note and Further Process

The implementing office will maintain the passbook and the cheque book of the same.

  1. Consequently, check if the motors and spares from the manufacturer are abiding the guidelines of BIS.
  2. Later, the reimbursement of contribution will be in a separate account.
  3. Note, collect and save the proof of reimbursement along with the invoice for audit purpose.
  4. Following this, the RO or SRO will submit the necessary request to head office.
  5. Further on verification, the head will sanction the money.
  6. Subsequently, the RO or SRO will issue this to the manufacturer bearing the scheme specifications.
  7. Following the issue of receipt, the manufacturer will provide the machine to the beneficiary.
Inspection and Receiving of Machine Under the MCY Scheme
  1. Next, is the inspection by authorities from coir board investigating the quality of the machines.
  2. Upon satisfaction, the RO or SRO will receive a performance certificate from the beneficiary.
  3. After this, RO or SRO will grant the amount of subsidy which the manufacturer will obtain from beneficiary via a cheque, DD or online payment.
  4. Next, the RO or SRO must submit the record of utilization certificate and expenditure to the head office.
  5. However, another inspection by the coir board to confirm the standards is underway.

The Chairman of the coir board will have the final say in the subsidy matter regarding its approval. Nevertheless, CCRI/ CICT officials will aid in the process along with the accounts wing.

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