Maharashtra COVID-19 Count Crosses 90000 Mark

Maharashtra remains the worst affected state in India with a total of 90787 COVID-19 cases. Further, 2559 Coronavirus cases confirmed today in Maharashtra. Active cases as on date stand at 44979, nearing 50000. A total of 42639 patients cured and 3289 deaths reported till date.

Coronavirus Cases in Mumbai District Cross 50,000

The total number of cases in Mumbai district stands at a concerning number at 51100. Today alone, Mumbai reported 1015 new cases and 58 deaths. Following that, Thane district is the second-worst affected district with over 14063 cases, of which 535 were recorded today. The least affected districts in Maharashtra are Washim and Wardha with 11 and 12 COVID-19 positive cases respectively.

COVID-19 Testing in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has tested 579294 COVID-19 samples so far. The state health officials confirm testing around 4742 people per million. Further, Maharashtra is conducting targeted testing that is it discovers 8.9 infections for every 100 samples tested.

Death Rate and Cured Cases

Mortality rate stands at 3.62% which is higher than the national average of 2.76%. The recovery rate of the state is 46.97%. Till date, a total of 42639 patients have been cured. While death rate stands at a concerning 3169.

COVID-19 Cases among Cops in the State

No new coronavirus positive cases in Maharashtra Police over the last 24 hours. Total coronavirus cases in the force stand at 2,562 while the death toll stands at 34. Over 1871 Mumbai policemen have been affected by coronavirus infection. Total recovered cases among SRPFs are 853. Sadly, it has recorded 21 deaths so far.

COVID-19 Care Facility for Police Personnel in Maharashtra

A care centre exclusively for police officers is now functional at Palghar district. Also, this is the second of its kind following the one already operational facility at Marol in Mumbai. Addressing the difficulties and challenges faced by the policemen, the unit was set up.

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