Lockdown Extension a High Possibility as PM Modi Interacts With the CM’s Tomorrow

PM Modi all set to interact with CM’s to finalize the impending decision of Lockdown extension. Nonetheless, the decision is inclining towards the extension as leaders across the nation are favoring it. Besides, Modi was explicit that the lockdown wouldn’t be lifted at once, rather it would be staggered.

Saving lives the Prime Priority 

As Coronavirus cases across India touched 7386 today, the center has made it clear that health is above all. Accordingly, the states and district administrators, as well as experts, are suggesting lockdown extension. Regardless of the center’s imminent decision, Odisha and Punjab declared a lockdown extension until April 30th. Reasoning that PM Modi officially stated that lockdown shall not be lifted abruptly when the cases are rising continuously.

A video Chat Determining the Fate of the Nation

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, this is the second time PM Modi is interacting with the chief Ministers about the containment of the disease. The said video chat will be on Saturday (April 11th), a discussion on the measures to curb Coronavirus widespread. Subsequently, considering the opinions of the majority, PM Modi will take a call on the issue. Besides, the 1st video call on March 24th was regarding the same that is to check the pandemic status in India. Following this, the nationwide 21 days lockdown was announced.

PM Modi Hinting on Lockdown Extension 

Recently, PM Modi suggested that the lockdown will extend beyond the previously allotted period of 21 days. Acknowledging the pandemic increase in the country, the PM hinted the extension to the floor leaders of parties in the parliament. Further, addressing the fact that lifting the lockdown cannot be abrupt, he made it certain that a complete lockdown exit is not feasible.

PM Modi discussion on further action regarding the COVID-19 fight
PM Modi discussion on further action regarding the COVID-19 fight
Economic Impact 

Even though health is at prime focus at this moment, we must also pay heat to the economic status of the nation. As the nation’s economy is crippling under the pressure of Coronavirus. Subsequently, adding to the misery is the unemployment rate (approx. 30%) steeping to a deeper low. Besides, the businesses are slowing down under the lockdown. In case of extension, they might end up non-functional and shut which in turn affects the economy. Additionally, the lockdown extension surges the need for automation and mechanization of the work. Thereby, replacing the manual laborers and hence blocking their means of livelihood.

The Final Decision 

Despite the extreme pressure, PM Modi must take a call that balances both the current extremities. However, the decision cannot be completely exiting lockdown. In that case, the decision is favouring the economy but it results in a significant risk of spreading the infection. Also, at the same time, it cannot be extremely rigid lockdown favoring the prevention of contaminants, as it will cripple the economy. Nonetheless, the extension will certainly continue with or without mild relaxations that support India’s economy.

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