Latest Developments in COVID Vaccine

India has recorded 17296 positive cases in the last 24 hours, and the total deaths stand at 15309 on 25th June. The number of COVID19 cases is rising rapidly in the country. Hereon are the latest developments in the COVID vaccine.

Developments in COVID Vaccine

About the vaccine developments, The Oxford trial results of dexamethasone are out. The researchers claim the drug can save one in three critically ill patients on ventilators. That apart,  Glucocorticoid is already being used in India for particular cases. Besides, trial versions of the inhaled version of Remdesivir will start in August. Gilead Sciences, conducting the clinical trails through nebulizer stated that the inhaled formulation would allow easy administration of the drug outside the hospital at early stages. This drug will speed up the recovery by shutting down the replication of the virus.

Trials for the oxford vaccine have started in badly hit Brazil. The researchers have administered the vaccine on 2000 health care workers in São Paulo and 1000 in Rio de Janeiro. Consequently, these will be the first use of the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine outside the UK, results of which are awaited.

ICMR Expands the Scope of Antibody Testing

ICMR has expanded the scope of antibody testing which gives results in just 30 minutes at not only hospitals but also at PSUs and other offices. Also, this will allay the fears of those coming back to offices. Private offices have welcomed this move as it will improve hasten contact tracing. On the other hand, the Ministry of AYUSH has ordered Patanjali to stop advertising the products stating that claims and details of the stated scientific study are not known.

Delhi is one Among the Worst Hit States in India

The capital Delhi becomes the worst-hit states latest hotspot after Maharashtra. However, there’s a silver lining coming up in the form of recoveries and improved health infrastructure.  Though the rate of positive tests is still high, the number has reduced significantly over the last week.  Also, the government has increased the number of free beds. All this gives a positive outlook on the capital.

 In all, the vaccine developments appear promising.

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