Delhi Coronavirus Cases Jumps to 73780

Delhi is the second worst-hit state due to COVID-19 in India. Currently, it hosts 73780 COVID-19 positive cases as 3390 cases reported today. Delhi has 26586 active cases as 3328 recovered in the state today. The death toll is at 2429.

Delhi Coronavirus Report

Central Delhi remains the worst affected with over 184 Coronavirus cases. Coronavirus cases in South East Delhi and East Delhi report 130 and 122 cases respectively. Further, all parts of the national capital have 25 or more coronavirus cases reported until date. There are 72992 unknown cases as on date in Delhi.

Death Rate and Cured Cases

The mortality rate is at 3.29% compared to the national average of 3.12%. The recovery rate is at 60.67%, one of the highest in the country. Total of Recovered cases increased to 44765 as 3328 cured today. While the death rate stands at 2429 as 64 deaths were noted today.

Delhi Will Begin Survey to Identify COVID-19 Cases

After noting a high number of cases from unknown sources, the national capital decides to conduct house to house survey to identify coronavirus cases. The said plan is yet to begin on 27th June and continue till 6th July. Further, the review plans to cover 45 lakh houses. Due to the constraint in time, the government decides to use at least 1000 to 1500 teams per district. Delhi officials believe that the said survey will help contain the spread of the pandemic in Delhi.

Union Minister and Chief Minister at Spite Over COVID19 Norms

Currently, there is ambiguity and spite over the coronavirus guidelines in Delhi. In one case, Amit Shah orders that each individual that tests positive must go to a quarantine centre. At the same time, Arvind Kejriwal suggests that a team shall visit the patient’s home to evaluate the severity of the infection. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia intervened that the best model that causes less inconvenience to the people must be put in use.

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