India Exceeds Brazil’s COVID Count, Now Second Worst Affected Nation in the World

Registering more than 40 lakh cases, India overtakes Brazil after reporting the highest COVID new cases than any other country. Now, India is the second worst COVID-hit nation in the world.

India’s COVID count

As per Johns Hopkins University bulletin, India recorded 91723 new cases in the last 24 hours. While fatalities stand at 71687, there are 882955 active cases in the country. According to the Union Health Ministry, the efforts of the medical and administrating authorities have managed to maintain the death rate as low as 1.74% and recovery rate at 77.15%. However, witnessing the most number of new COVID cases, it crosses Brazil’s COVID count. 

India Reporting Highest COVID-19 Single Day Cases in the World for Over a Month

WHO data revealed that India’s single-day count of COVID-19 cases has been more than that of US’s and Brazil’s for the past seven days. Moreover, its single-day count was more than the USA’s count, which is the worst-hit nation. Besides, the country accounted for 23% of the cases, and more than 15% of the deaths reported from August 4 to August 10. 

Steady Rise in COVID Infections

India’s daily cases of the coronavirus cases are rising at an alarming rate. On average, the second worst-hit nation has been reporting 69,558 new cases daily over the past week. On the other hand, Brazil, the third worst-hit nation, is reporting 30,000 fewer cases daily. However, its fatality rate of 1.7% is far much better than that of the US’s (3.1%) and Brazil’s (3.2%).

While the US became the worst-hit nation due to two massive spikes, India’s COVID case trajectory is steady. The USA saw two massive spikes in different states in June and July. Also, the rise of cases in Brazil is erratic as the count has risen and dropped thrice, hitting a plateau in the past two weeks with 37000 instances daily. However, India is witnessing steady growth since the start of the pandemic, unlike the other two nations.

Testing Crosses 1.17 Million per Day in India

The Union Health Ministry asserted that the cumulative detection of COVID cases has reached 4,88,31,145 with 10,92,654 tests conducted in the last 24 hours. Further, it added that a sustained increase in the testing facility is allowing seamless isolation and hospitalization. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that surpassing 10 lakh tests from 10 tests per day demonstrates an exponential increase in testing. 

In all, India’s COVID cases are rising at an alarming rate and are showing no chances of tailing off. 

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