Incorrect Data on Plantation in Madhya Pradesh, Misleading Farmers

An uncommon rise in the growth rate of agriculture in Madhya Pradesh has led the government in suspicion. The former CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan came under scrutiny for submitting incorrect data on plantation in the state. He has also been misleading farmers on loan waivers.

Incorrect Data on Plantation              

The present forest minister, Umang Singhar under INC, has demanded an inquiry from Economic Offences Wing in the plantation drive held in July 2017 under BJP. The government has accused former forest minister, Gaurishankar Shejwar with other officials, of filing imprecise figures and muffing the public funds. The plantation drive was about planting 5 crore sapling on the Narmada Basin on July 2, 2017. But the government declared the plantation of 7 crore saplings on that day. The CM secretariat said that the project was initiated to mark in the Guinness Book of World Record.

Forged Figures

Singhar stated that despite such a big drive, no entry was sent to the Guinness book. Also, it has been found that the saplings were purchased at inflated rates, Rs 20 sapling was shown to be bought for Rs200 in the records. Shejwar turned down all the allegations and declared that a fair investigation would clear the misunderstanding. Besides, the BJP government has been accused to forge the figures of agriculture production for winning the “Krishi Karman Award’ though there has been no significant rise in the farmer’s income of the state.

The Loan Waiver

On the other hand, BJP and Congress have cross alleged each other for misleading the farmers on loan waivers.

BJP accused the Congress of not fulfilling its promise of farmer loan waivers. In this context, Kamal Nath stated that the loan worth Rs 7000 crore have been waived off in phase one. The procedure will take time as it involves scrutiny of documents. At the same time, Congress blamed BJP for not implementing Jai Kisan Rin Maafi Yojna. Moreover, the party was also blamed for the suicide of 21000 farmers due to debt during their rule.

The BJP declared these statements as an attempt to defame the government.

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