Farmers Struggle to Find Buyers for Their Crop Amidst Lockdown

Rabi crop yielded a bumper harvest this year. However, due to the coronavirus lockdown, the cultivators are struggling to sell their produce. India has enough food stock with addition to the Rabi bumper harvest. Despite that, farmers still struggle as the stocks are rotting away and aren’t accessible to the citizens in need.

Andhra Pradesh to Face Losses Under the Same Circumstances 

With good monsoon in 2019, the Rayalaseema region farmers produced banana, muskmelon, orange, and mango in large quantities. However, due to lockdown restrictions, logistics remains the biggest issue to connect the supply chain of agricultural produce. Accordingly, with limited connectivity and markets opening at limited times, agricultural produce reaching wholesale and retail markets became very difficult. Also, Andhra Pradesh exports 70% of the bananas to northern states, and now it is impossible due to the lockdown.

Andhra Pradesh, Trying to Aid Farmers in the State 

To lessen the burden, the government offers to buy 80,000 metric tonnes of agricultural produce in the coming days. Further, the Horticulture commissioner adds that the procurement will be made via SHGS, MEPMA, Rythu Bazaar, and local markets. However, the horticulture cultivators are deeply worried as their produce is perishable. Contrarily, cultivators of ragi and wheat rely on government for majority sale. While the Anantapur farmers also face the same plight with 306 hectares of paddy crop.

In Karnataka, Mango Cultivators Suffer the Loss 

The lockdown affects the mango farmers from HD Kote, Mysore, Periyapatna, Hunsur, and several other villages. Further, the 13,000 mango cultivators are chiefly small and marginal farmers. Thereby, lack of transport, as well as drop-in mango price and demand, will leave them stranded and helpless. Similarly, local grower Anuraj complains that the agents are not ready to buy the product despite the better yield. Also, as the product is perishable and the farmers cannot afford cold storage, their livelihood is at stake.

Telangana Emerges Successful Amid Lockdown Burden

Owing to the expansion of irrigation projects in the state, the government expects a yield of one crore tonnes of paddy. Besides, the 24/7 electricity supply and financial help have aided Telangana to increase rice production. Also, it has already catered to the needs of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka by exporting 2.52 lakh tonnes. Most importantly, the farmers are out of misery as the government promises to buy their entire produce at MSP. Also, aiding to farmers request, the Chief Minister requested Bihar government to send back the migrant workers. Further, it has distributed rice to every individual below the poverty line.

Government Officials Must Take Control 

Considering the outcome of the Coronavirus lockdown, the farmers have suffered enough. Even with a bumper harvest, they are experiencing due to restricted sale. Thereby, the government must adopt a feasible way to buy and sell the produce. Thus, lessen their burden in these crucial times.

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