Faith over Health? Why Religious gatherings Should be Prohibited During Coronavirus Pandemic?

Currently, the devout meets are spreading Coronavirus infection rather than the religion itself. During the global pandemic, is it necessary to give oneself into omnipresent beliefs? Or rather an obligation to choose self-isolation that saves themselves as well as the community. Similarly, due to the extreme risk emerging from the religious group gatherings, several countries are leaning towards prohibiting religious gatherings. 

Religious Instigation- A Significant Complication in Times of Coronavirus Pandemic 

People believe that their faith is necessary to fight against the epidemic in their ways. However, the problem emerges when they take part in large gatherings despite good intentions. From South Korea to Israel, religious group meets are a devious way of transmitting the disease. Further, the transmission through this means is nearly impossible to trace and thereby difficult to contain. Besides, this intensifies spite among the religions thus, leading to much bigger chaos. 

Even though, it a virtuous right to gather and pray for well-being. It is equally the duty to play our role as a responsible citizen to ensure the safety of other citizens. So, at this moment it is mandatory to focus on health rather than religion.

South Korea’s Church Gathering

South Korea’s COVID 19 cases increased 60% following a congregation at the Shincheonji Church. Initially, before the gathering, the positive cases were 50. However, the number rose to 8,000 after the event in Daegu. Meanwhile, the issue came into light when 61-year-old women associated with the event tested positive. Nonetheless, this was brought under control in time by setting up isolation dorms and medical set-ups. Yet, we must acknowledge that 87.5% of the associates turn out active infection carriers. Hence, from hereon avoid similar or any gatherings involving more than 10 people. 

Shincheonji Church in South Korea was a Hotspot for Coronavirus Spread in the Country
Mosques in Iran 

During the initial stages of the outbreak, Iran ignored the extremities of the Coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, let the public activities including school, church mass, mosques, and so on carrying on as usual. Due to this neglect, over 90% of the cases in the middle east are connected to the Shia pilgrims from the holy city of Qom. Following this, mosques around the world faced the heat. For instance, Islam’s holiest sanctuary in Mecca is closed with no pilgrims. Similarly, the al-Rajhi mosque and Blue Mosque of Istanbul are shut till the pandemic is over.  

Religious payer meets, a threat in COVID 19 transmission
Religious Payer Meets- A threat in COVID 19 transmission
Malaysia Mosque’s Religious Event 

Recently, a religious gathering held at the mosque in Malaysia spiked the COVID 19 cases with the addition of 190 cases. Accordingly, over 16,000 people attended religious meet held between February 27th and March 1st. Also, 14,500 attendees were from Malaysia. Thus, it suggests that the rest participants have a chance to infect other nations, making the rest of the world vulnerable to infection. In the case of Brunei, 38 cases out of 40 are from this religious event. 

Tablighi Jamaat Event at Nazimuddin Markaz, Delhi India 

The Tablighi Jamaat event held at Nazimuddin Markaz, New Delhi in India is one of the biggest Coronavirus hotspots in India. Following the Sunni Muslim missionary moment, the positive cases in India upsurges. Subsequently, increasing the vulnerability of fellow Indians to infection. Besides, few disciples from Malaysia and Indonesia that attended the event were making their respective nation susceptible to Infection. Further, problems arose when the participants had to stay back in the dorms due to the cancellation of public transportation.

Additionally, the health minister highlights that over 2,335 people were present in the Mosque. Consequently, over 1445 cases out of the 4415 cases are connected to Tablighi Jamaat event. Thus, the intensity of the hit makes it a huge cluster of hotspot infection. Following this, the government has taken upon itself to trace the participants and contain the infection. Moreover, it blacklists the activists their visas to prevent further spreading the pandemic. In addition, Pakistan reported 300 positive cases linked to Tablighi Jamaat event in Delhi, India.

Israel Ultra-Orthodox Jews 

Haredim, constitute up to 12% of Israel’s population. However, they constitute over 60% of the COVID 19 cases in Israel. This is due to religious gatherings held even after cases increased in Israel. Acknowledging this, the senior rabbi advises the ultra-orthodox Jews to follow the lockdown and stay home. Even though the majority of the population abide by the rule, few are adamant and careless. While few extremists are cussing policemen as “Nazis” when they hand out USD 1000 fines to offhand strayers. 

Mosques in Pakistan 

The clerics reject to close the mosque’s religious prayer meets, despite Pakistan PM orders. Suggesting their negligence in the Coronavirus pandemic issue. Coronavirus cases in Pakistan increased to 3227 as of today and majority of them are connected to religious gatherings. Further, another instance portentous the same was allowing the Shiite pilgrims from Iran without any quarantine. Following the disregard, health experts suspect the rise of coronavirus cases in South Asia in the coming weeks. Regardless of this, the few refuse to impose a lockdown and safeguard their nations. 

New York USA 

The intensity of the Coronavirus infection rose when a school (SAR) parent tested positive, making the closely-knit school members susceptible to infection. Further, the infection spread from schools to a wide circle of people who share religious services. Following the first case, 60 active more COVID 19 patients came into light. On the other hand, several people attended the synagogue for the funeral of a Holocaust survivor. Subsequently, the schools were closed and rigid measures to contain the infection were put into place.

USA Not Learning the Lesson 

Despite the intensity of the situation, the USA are still not closing down religious places to contain the infection. For instance, religious gatherings are still functioning as usual in Florida. Even though, Florida reported 7,773 positive cases with over 101 deaths, they assess the situation lightly. Also, a revival held in Hopkins County, Kentucky has further spread the infection. Similarly, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, etc have no rules to avoid the religious gatherings.


The global Coronavirus pandemic is one of the deadliest of its kind faced by the world since over an era. Subsequently, to prevent the infection WHO advises avoiding all kinds of gatherings, including religious meets. Following that, Saudi Arabia stopped the Umrah pilgrimage, Iran cancelled religious prayer meets, Singapore advised Muslim Citizens to stay at home and many more such measures. Signifying that, the world is trying to defend itself against the viral contaminant, COVID 19. Likewise, it can be emphasized that in the given situation, it is indeed health over faith.  

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