Dead Rat found in Midday Meal in UP, Several Students Taken to Hospital, Principal Booked

The hygiene standards of midday meals across India is questionable. Despite several warnings, an even worse incident occurred in UP. This time a dead rat was found in the meal served to students at a government school in Muzaffarnagar district. Subsequently, the students were hurried to hospital after consumption. Police booked the principal of the school and those involved in midday meal distribution.

Extreme Act of Negligence

The government has yet again failed to deliver the purpose of serving nourishing mid-day meals to the students in need. The students of Janata Intercollege in Panchenda village received dal and rice. Later, a dead rat was noticed in food on one of the plates served to students. Following alleged consumption, nine students felt extreme uneasiness and their health seem to deteriorate. While the rest of the students joined to complain of extreme uneasiness and a teacher spewed. As a drastic measure, the nine students and the teacher were taken to the nearest hospital.

UP’s Midday Meal found Guilty on Moral Grounds

Apart from the new revelation, two major incidents took place in UP in the past few weeks. The recent one is in which 1 litre of milk was adulterated using a bucket of water. Further this adulterated milk was seen served to over 81 students in a video that resurfaced. Before that, a cook served just roti and salt to students as their midday meal instead of a wholesome meal. Since the incident, severe actions were taken, and consequently, two teachers were suspended.

Address and Monitor the Issue Seriously

Following the occurrence of the scandalous event, it is solely governments responsible to monitor the state-run midday meal scheme. Issuing a probe and forgetting after a few weeks not enough for children’s health. However, it is necessary to conduct a thorough follow up for the scheme to be even remotely successful.

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