Telangana Coronavirus Cases Nears 7000

Telangana reported 499 new Coronavirus cases today. Total Coronavirus cases in Telangana now stand at 6526.

Active cases as on date stand at 2976 as a total of 51 patients cured, and three deaths reported today. The death toll in Telangana nears 200.

COVID-19 Tests in Telangana

Tests conducted till 17 June by the state are 45911. Total tests performed increased to 1234 per million. However, it is one among the least testing state in India.

Death Rate and Cured Cases in Telangana

Mortality rate stands at 3.03% compared to the national average of 3.28%. Total of Recovered cases increases to 3352 as 51 cured in the state today. Meanwhile, the recovery rate stands at 51.36%. While the death tally is now at 198 as 3 fatalities were noted today.

District Wise Report

Hyderabad hosts over 4395 COVID-19 positive cases as 329 cases reported today. It remains the worst affected in Telangana with the tally nearing 5000. Ranga Reddy and Medchal Malkajgiri Districts confirmed 410 and 157 total Coronavirus positive cases, while 250 positive examples are from other states. The least affected district is Nayaranpet with only two COVID-19 cases.

85 Farmers Suicide in the Past 6 Months

The high rate of the suicide rate among the cotton farmers in Telangana is shocking. This demands immediate attention among the growing concerns regarding COVID-19 pandemic. Further, if appropriate measures are not implemented the resultant will be a much serious problem. Meanwhile, following the report, the government is currently compensating the victims.

Telangana isn’t Revealing Testing Numbers

Despite numerous instructions from the High court to reveal the COVID-19 testing number, Telangana has not obliged. Recently, the state is displaying the numbers. However, it is one of the lowest in India of approximately 45911 till 17th June. Besides, smaller states like Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Goa, Tripura have tests record higher than Telangana. Tackling this, the government allows private labs to begin testing for the infection.

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