Scheme of Surveys, Studies and Policy Research

Ministry of MSME initiated the scheme of Surveys, Studies, and Policy Research to maintain records over the existing and upcoming MSMEs. Accordingly, the records would contain significant aspects and features of MSMEs. 

Visions of the Scheme of Surveys, Studies and Policy Research 

The scheme strives to attain the following agendas: 

  1. Periodically collect reliable data regarding the features and factors of MSME.
  2. Further, the data collection may be through primary, secondary, and other sources.
  3. Specifically, the scheme focuses on manufacturing and service units of MSME.
  4. The categories of the units include micro or small establishment, khadi, village industries, or coir.
  5. To examine and analyze the data, to understand challenges and the opportunities for MSME.
  6. To formulate countermeasures based on the data.
Chief Factors Under the Scheme 
  1. Deal with all the issues of MSMEs sector-wise. However, they aim to make smooth entry and exit, ease the operations, transitional cost reduction, simple procedures, etc.
  2. Regularly asses the existing schemes and policies that benefit the MSME.
  3. Deal with issues that help to improve the competitiveness of MSMEs globally. Such as credit flow, technology up-gradation, marketing assistance, intellectual property rights, etc. 
  4. Measures to enhance their capacity and empower their growth.
  5. Assist the first-generation entrepreneurs.
  6. Check if the government measures are taken to satisfy their role and responsibilities while examining the agencies’ credibility.
Nodal Agencies Monitoring the Structure of the Scheme 
  1. SSC will monitor the scheme along with Economic Advisor (IFW) and Deputy Secretory or Director (EDI).
  2. Only proposals received by the agencies under MSME associated with this division will be entertained. Also, the proposal sent to TOR to deputy secretory under Ministry of MSME is acceptable for the studies.
  3. Further, the approval will be on the basis of a competitive bidding process. In other cases, approval can be through Open Expression of Interest.
  4. Following the approval, conduct the study as per the rule of GRF 2017. However, subsequently, after finalization, another approval from SME division is mandatory.
  5. Consequently, the head of the scheme EDI section will pay the payment to the consultant.
  6. Finally, after the completion of the undertaking, a report should be sent to the SME division. Following which, the agency releases the final installment.
  7. Empanelment will be timely abiding GRF 177 to 184.
Financial Assistance 

The assistance will be in three installments:

  • First installment: 20%, following the approval of the proposal.
  • Second installment: 50%, on receiving the draft report. Also, a presentation explaining the terms of the report to their respective division is necessary.
  • Third installment: 30%, after submission of the final report. However, the release of the final installment takes 6 weeks after the submission and acceptance of the report. 
Points to Remember for Scheme of Surveys, Studies and Policy Research

These following points are the terms and conditions of the scheme that the consultant and agency must abide by:

  1. The plan should not exceed the time of the agreement.
  2. The government will not bear extra charges for the exceeded time of the project.
  3. The fee is inclusive of the GST, priory agreed by Government, consultant, organization, and the agency.
  4. For receiving the final installment, one should submit 10 copies of the final report, 15 copies of the executive summary, and 10 CDs.
  5. The final report will be the intellectual property of the government, hence have no rights to publish without consulting the GoI.
  6. The report, study, and related issues are confidential. Thus, should not share this knowledge with any third party. 

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