Rural Unemployment Rate Falls due to Boost in Agricultural Sector Jobs

Rural unemployment rate fell significantly in September due to boost in agricultural sector employment. The comprehensive figure of employment in India is virtually always 40 to 40.2 crores. However in September, the occupational rate has spiked to an astonishing 41 crores against 40.2 crores of the previous month. Rise has been the highest in 3 years.

The employment rate in India could be termed as stagnant. Even with minor fluctuations, the depicted statistics remain the same as described by CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy). Agricultural sector beating slowdown amidst a prolonged segment of financial slowdown.

Indian Agriculture Highly Reliant on Monsoon Rains 

Mahesh Vyas, CEO CMIE, reported a rural employment rise of 60 lakhs in contradiction to 4 lakh employment in Urban portions. This is concerning the delayed monsoon this year that provided an essential volume of rain for the monsoon crops. The report suggested that the rise in employment could be recurrent and in association with the monsoon as the graph depicts a similar rise in earlier years.

Rural Unemployment fell drastically in India

However, the virtuous update may cool off in the subsequent months due to the clustering of jobs. These revelations possibly shed light upon a better future for the growing population. On the contrary, it also enlightens us about the economic crisis faced due to the poor employment rate. 

Indian Agriculture has Boosted Labour Profile Rates

Agriculture, contributing up to 17% GDP (Gross domestic product) and providing employment to over 60% of our population is the most important sector in the Indian economy. Furthermore, the development of technology provides new job profiles in the agricultural sector. Thus, constantly eradicating unemployment in the rural subdivisions.

Agri Sector beating Economic Slowdown in India

Indian agriculture is a gamble against monsoon, as nearly 76% of the whole year’s rainfall is utilized for hydroelectric power, irrigation, wind power, and various other forms of resources. Consequently, demanding a huge workforce to sustain and ideally use this naturally available resource. Monsoon being favourable has boosted agricultural activities to a huge extent which has led to a decline of more than 1% in the unemployment rate of India, the highest drop seen in years.

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