Pakistan Opposes India’s Application for the Exclusivity of Basmati in the European Union

Pakistan and India are at odds over Geographical Indication tagging of aromatic long grain rice. Accordingly, Pakistan to challenge India’s application for the exclusivity of basmati in the European Union.

Pakistan Opposes India’s Claim Over Basmati

The meeting concluded that India’s claim for basmati exclusivity is unjustified as Pakistan is its major grower. Also, Dawood stated that it would oppose New Delhi from obtaining any exclusive rights. Moreover, Pakistan legalized GI Registration and Protection Act in March this year. This gives it the right to challenge India’s claim for GI tag for basmati rice.

Pakistan Opposes India's Exclusivity of Basmati in EU
Pakistan Opposes India’s Exclusivity of Basmati in EU

Fine Aromatic Long rice is Authentic to India

Published in an official journal of EU on 11th September, India’s application highlights that basmati is an Indian origin product. Further, it added that this special long grain aromatic rice is authentic to the geographical region of the Indian sub-continent. This region is part of northern India, below the foothills of the Himalayas. Though Pakistan produces and exports a wide range of basmati from the country, basmati of particular characteristic grows only in districts of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and also in some parts of UP and Jammu and Kashmir.

In all, Pakistan has vehemently opposed India’s claim over the origin of basmati.

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