Marketing Assistance Scheme for MSMEs

Marketing Assistance Scheme focuses on marketing expansion and exposure of MSMEs to international and domestic market. MSMEs are acting like building blocks in the economic advancement of our country. Thus, the Ministry of MSME is initiating innovative schemes that aid in their enhancement. Accordingly, the said schemes focus on a segment of the sector and provide guidance specifically in that area.

Considerably, marketing plays a key role in the success of an establishment. Thereby, forcing the MSMEs to accept institutional guidance in this area. As opposed to the industries that have the ability to hire a group to handle the same.

Objectives of the Scheme
  1. To increase the competitiveness of MSMEs.
  2. Advancing the marketing abilities of MSMEs.
  3. Encourage to demonstrate the competitiveness of the sector.
  4. Create awareness about the existing predominant markets.
  5. Explaining the impact of market activity on MSME units.
  6. Cluster formation that aid in the marketing of goods and services.
  7. Strive to provide a significant platform to encourage MSMEs interaction with large scale buyers.
  8. Proliferate several schemes/programs initiated by the center.
Salient Activities monitored by the scheme 

The marketing scheme monitors the following activities. Hence, by doing so the support system is capable of providing the guidance necessary in the marketing sector. Hereon, the list of activities is mentioned:

  1. Organize an international exhibition. Alongside, encourage MSME participation in exhibitions or conferences held internationally
  2. Co-sponsoring the events.
  3. Conduct intense campaigns to explain the importance of marketing and its effect on an organization.
  4. Monitor buyer-seller meets supporting IC scheme.
  5. Promote promotional/ advertising activities.
Eligibility for Marketing Assistance scheme

Any individual linked to the MSME sector is eligible to enroll. Thereby, the eligible candidates would be MSME units, Industry or organizations linked with the MSME sector.

Nature of assistance 

Financial assistance will be given ranging from 25% deepening on the compensation requested. Following list of assistance based on the cause of expenditure is itemized below:

Case 1: To visit the International Event
  1. Airfare: 100% reimbursement for the economy class ticket
  2. Daily accommodation and travel: Double the expense set by MEA guidelines
  3. Budget assistance: A maximum of Rs 1.50 Lakh per event is allotted for partaking in an international event.
Case 2: Participating in an International Event 
  1. Stall charges: 100% reimbursement on the stall cost
  2. Airfare: 100% airfare for an economy class ticket
  3. Daily accommodation and travel: Double the expense set by MEA guidelines
  4. Freight charges: A maximum of Rs 30000 is allocated
  5. Budget assistance: Rs 3 lakh from Micro SC/ST units, Rs 2.5 lakh for Small, and Rs1.5 for medium units.
Case 3: Visit Domestic Events 

1. Fare: 100% reimbursement with a limit of Rs 10,000.

Case 4: Participating in the Domestic Event
  1. Stall charges: 100% reimbursement on the stall cost
  2. Fare: 100% reimbursement with a limit of Rs 10,000
  3. Freight charges: 100% reimbursement with a limit of Rs 15,000
  4. Budget assistance: Rs 1.5 lakhs will be provided.
Case 5: Conducting Workshops, Training, and Campaigns. Vendor development programs

The budget is based on the cities the event is conducted. Thus, Vendor development programs range from Rs 1 to 5 lakhs. Similarly, for training the reimbursement ranges from Rs 30,000 to 2,00,000.

Pointers to avail the benefits of the scheme 
  1. SC/ST will be beneficiaries only after registration in the MSME Data bank.
  2. The size of the stalls is limited to 3m*3m at the fairs or exhibitions.
  3. SC/ST will receive compensation for 2 global meets and 4 local events per year.
  4. Five enterprises or more may attend the events, however, as the number increases an NSIC representative will accompany. Further, when the number exceeds 10 more than one representative of NSIC or Ministry of MSME will escort the units.
  5. A target will be set for each year that must be achieved by the registered sectors as per the Vendor Development Programme.
  6. Terms, conditions, rules, responsibilities, and application process for the Marketing Assistance Scheme is similar to IC scheme.
  7. The nodal agency is the Ministry of MSME and National SC/ST Hub scheme.
Annexure List of Documents Marketing Assistance Scheme for Forms I to V

Applying Protocol

Submit the application looking for aid to the Branch Manager of National Small Industries Corporation (nearest to the applicant). Further, mention all the necessary details and provide justifications to prove the same. Additionally, extra information is obtainable is

Marketing Assistance Scheme Application Form I, II, III, IV, V


GM (Business Dev.) NSIC

Phone- 011-16311109


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