Kerala Coronavirus Cases Stands at 3452

Kerala state is one among the few states in India that flattened the initial wave of Coronavirus cases. Currently, it is battling the second wave of the pandemic. Initially, it took 97 days to reach 500 VOVID-19 cases. However, it took merely ten days to jumps from 2000 to 3000 positive cases.

The COVID-19 positive cases in Kerala are 3452 as 141 cases reported today. The state has 1620 active cases as 60 recovered in the state today. The death toll is at 23.

Kerala Coronavirus District Wise Report

Kasaragod District remains the worst affected with over 411 Coronavirus cases. Coronavirus cases in Palakkad and Malappuram districts report 408 and 369 cases respectively. All Districts in Kerala have reported 76 or more Coronavirus cases till date. There are two cases from other states also in Kerala.

Death Rate and Cured Cases

Mortality rate is as low as 0.67% compared to the national average of 3.16%

Total of Recovered cases increased to 1807 as 60 cured in Kerala today. While the death rate stands at 23.

Community Spread a Dire Possibility in the State

After recording a high number of cases from unknown sources, Kerala is now preparing to battle community spread. Subsequently, the state government imposes severe shopping and travel restrictions. Further, the government highlighted that people violating quarantine rules would face punishment. Also, districts like Thiruvanathapuram and Kannur will be monitored strictly to contain the COVID-19 spread.

Kerala Mandates Room Quarantine

Acknowledging the highly contagious COVID-19 cases in the state, Kerala decided to mandate quarantine for returnees. The new rule applies for both symptomatic as well as non- symptomatic returnees. Similarly, Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA), set a standard protocol for the returnees and officials to follow.

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