Punjab Positive Coronavirus Cases Surges to 4397

Overall coronavirus count in Punjab surged to 4397 as 162 positive cases recorded today. In the last 24 hours, 222 COVID-19 patients recovered in Punjab. Sadly, four deaths were also recorded today in the state taking the death toll to 105.

Punjab confirms 147 COVID-19 positive cases out of every 1 million people. The average growth rate of new infections in the state is 4%.

COVID-19 District Wise Report

Amritsar District remains the worst affected as the COVID-19 tally surges to 792, of which six cases reported today. Ludhiana and Jalandhar Districts follow closely with 615 and 602 cases respectively with 34, and 38 cases reported today. Presently, 28 of every 100 positive cases are active in the state. Ludhiana district recorded the highest number of COVID-19 positive cases today.

Punjab Coronavirus Death Rate and Cured Cases

The mortality rate in Punjab increased to 2.39%, still lower against the national average of 3.16%. Punjab has one of the highest Coronavirus recovery rates in India with cured cases at 64.3%. So far, a total of 3047 patients have recovered. Also, the state death toll stands at 105.

Punjab Opens New COVID Labs to Increase Testing Capacity

Due to high COVID-19 cases, testing laboratories are being set up in Punjab. As of now, the Punjab government decides to open four new COVID-19 testing laboratories. Also, it is appointing over 131 essential staff for the functioning of the labs. Further, the government aims to increase the testing capacity to 13000 from 9000 per day.

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