India’s Sugar Exports Target of 6 Million Tonnes

Last year the government set a target of 5 million tonnes for sugar exports. But they were able to export only 3.8 million tonnes. Despite that, this year the goal was set at 6 million tonnes.

Trade Body Confirms Sugar Export Contracts

The All India Sugar Trade Association President Mr Praful Vithalani said that the mills have already shipped 4.5 million tonnes of sweetener. Further, he adds that the Indian mills have contracted to export 5.2 million tonnes of sugar in the current season, which began on October 1st. The demand for Indian sugar is strong as Indonesia has further increased imports. Mainly as India increases imports of palm sugar from Indonesia because of diplomatic strife with Malaysia.

Eyeing Sugar Export to China Despite Border Dispute

Mr Praful Vithalani also stated that they were getting trade enquiries from China. But, the companies are cautious about signing deals because of the current situation at the border. He was optimistic that there might be short term delays, but still, China was a significant market for India in the long term. So far, India has exported around 101,000 tonnes to China in the current season.

India Grasps Opportunity From Brazil’s Slowdown and Sugar Cane Diversion

Brazil has diverted almost 50% of its cane to sugar production. In turn, this will increase their output by nearly 100 tonnes from the past year. But, the pandemic lockdown has Brazil hard. According to Mr Prakash Naiknavare, the MD of NFCSF, the absence of labour is delaying Brazil’s sugar exports. Thus, giving India an additional 10-15 days for exports. He also said that the federation had asked Indian millers to take advantage of this situation. He remarked that many millers have done so and therefore yielded favourable results.

The lockdown has slowed down the industry in India as well. But it is a good sign that exports are slowly picking up.

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