Indian Grain Prices: Wheat, Bajra, Jowar, Barley and Maize Prices as on 08.08.2019

Data published by the agriculture ministry revealed that majority of farmers dependent on monsoon for kharif season have opted for growing Maize, Bajra (Pearl Millet), Sunflower and other millet family varieties due to delayed monsoon and uneven rainfall across India. These short duration kharif crops usually take 90-100 days for harvest compared to pulses, paddy, oilseed and sugarcane taking 130-160 days. Government across many states in India have already declared Minimum Support Price for alternative crops to paddy and wheat. Cultivation area for Bajra and Maize is expected to increase by 10% in 2019 as its fetching good prices many farmers are opting to grow these crops across India. Find the current prices as on 08.08.2019 below:

Commodity Mandi Price (Per Quintal)
Wheat Mill Quality Top National INR 2280
Wheat Mill Quality Normal National INR 2090
Wheat Rajasthan INR 1875 – INR 1945
Wheat Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand INR 1760 – INR 1850
Wheat Gujarat INR 1700 – INR 1800
Wheat Mill Quality (South India) Chennai, Kerala INR 2300 – INR 2500
Wheat MP Sharbati Madhya Pradesh INR 2750
Wheat MP Sharbati (Retail) National INR 3150
Bajra Gujarat INR 2290
Jowar Gujarat INR 3350
Jowar Premium Maharashtra INR 2350
Jowar Medium Maharashtra INR 2200
Barley Rajasthan INR 1840
Maize (Makka) Gujarat INR 2300
Maize (Makka) Feed Quality Bihar INR 1950
Maize (Makka) West Bengal INR 2200
Maize (Makka) Delhi INR 2350
Maize (Makka) Maharashtra INR 2500

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