How Soon Will We Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly taken a toll on every person globally. Thus, the only way out of the global misery is a successful COVID-19 vaccine. Accordingly, several countries with their scientists are striving to find a suitable vaccine. So far, WHO has confirmed seven vaccines that are under human trails.

WHO Involvement in Developing COVID-19 Vaccine

WHO facilitates the research and development of sensitive, safe, and effective Coronavirus vaccine. Additionally, it drives the study by encouraging global collaboration and vaccine mapping. Further, focusing on the characterising the vaccine and conducting clinical trials of the same. Subsequently, few vaccines in various phases of trails are mentioned hereunder:


This Adenovirus Type 5 Vector developed from the CanSino Biological and Beijing Institute of Biotechnology. Currently, the 2nd phase is the first vaccine to enter human trials. Following that, it is to be ready and out by 2021. Also, the mechanism being the vector gives rise to protein antigen that, in return, initiates the antibody generation to fight coronavirus.


The human trials of this vaccine developed by the UK-Oxford University began on 23rd April 2020. Subsequently, scientists believe that the ChAdOx1 is 80 % effective and will be ready in a years time.

IN0-4800 DNA Plasmid Vaccine 

The INO-4880 is developed by Inovio Pharmaceuticals in the US along with the support of India, Norway and Bill, and Melinda Gates Foundation. Currently, the vaccine at the first phase of trails works by injecting DNA (genetic code of COVID-19 spike protein) to infected patients to fight the Coronavirus.


Beijing Institute of Biological products is developing the vaccine that triggers an elicit immune reaction via dead Coronavirus cells. Currently at the 2nd stage of human trial and is expected to be launched by 2021.


Sinovac is developing another version of the inactivated coronavirus vaccine that will probably be out by 2021.

BNT162 mRNA 

BioNTech, Fosun Pharma, And Pfizer jointly venture towards the production of this vaccine.

mRNA- 1273

Moderna (US) in association with the National Institute of Health developed the vaccine. The vaccine uses mRNA to generate an immune response from the body. Currently at the first stage of clinical trials.

India’s Role in Development of COVID-19 Vaccine 

India has a major role in vaccine development. Also, it has proven its abilities during the crisis od dengue, influenza, TB, and so on. Further, its association with the UK is commendable during the health crisis. Currently, the Serum Institute of India and the Oxford University of UK have developed a vaccine, ChAdOx1. Currently, the vaccine is the first in line to fight coronavirus and is likely to be out by September 2020 while its contemporaries will be out later in 2021.

The COVID-19 Vaccine- Likely to Succeed  

The said vaccine would cost around 1000 rupees confirmed Mr Poonawalla. Further, he notifies that large-scale production would begin in May. As it has completed the animal trials and proven its effectivity. Simultaneously by the time the trials are complete in September, the vaccine will be ready for use.

Accordingly, the working of vaccines is quite simple; that is the vaccine is a neutralized common cold virus that mimics COVID-19—thereby triggering an immune response to fight off the Coronavirus.

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