COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough in Israel and Italy; WHO Expert Claims there may never be a Vaccine

While WHO experts claim there may never be a vaccine for COVID-19, Israel and Italy claim of a breakthrough. As the world tries to control the widespread of Coronavirus, is the COVID-19 next on the ‘no vaccine’ list?

Breakthrough on COVID-19 Vaccine

Defence Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett declared that the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) developed an antibody to neutralise the virus responsible for COVID-19. It can attack the virus within the bodies of the infected.

The institute started testing the antibody on rodents last month. Besides, the second research team, MigVax has completed the first phase of developing the COVID-19 vaccine and has secured USD 12 million investment. However, he did not specify of conducting any trials on humans. Bennett appreciated the efforts for this terrific development.

First COVID-19 Vaccine Production Facility in Israel

A spokesperson for the Yeruham local council confirmed that Israel plans to establish the first COVID-19 vaccine production facility. IIBR, in collaboration with the international pharmaceutical company, will set up the facility in Yeruham to manufacture tens of millions of vaccine units. Mass production to ensure self-sufficiency in times of pandemic in the country.

Italy too Claims of Developing COVID-19 Vaccine

Rome’s infectious-disease Spallanzani Hospital stated that they are on an advance stage of checking vaccine on humans. Also, Italian researchers have described the results beyond expectations. The vaccine testing is on five candidates with a brief electrical impulse that helps the vaccine break into the cells, activating the immune system.

Consequently, the antibodies generated by all five candidates affected the virus. However, the researchers are working on trial versions to see if the virus accumulates mutations and becomes invisible to the immune system.

COVID-19 Vaccine
The World is hoping for a COVID-19 Vaccine

WHO States- “There May Never be a COVID-19 Vaccine”

There are hundreds of vaccines in pre-clinical trials and at advanced stages in the US and England. However, WHO’s special envoy, Nabarro stated that there is no guarantee that there will be a vaccine for the Coronavirus. Even if it does appear, it is difficult to say whether it will pass the tests of efficacy and safety.

In all, several treatments are being tested for the Coronavirus, and developing the vaccine in a short duration would be a heroic achievement.  

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