Countries Look for Ways to ‘Make China Pay’ for Global Coronavirus Pandemic

China’s deceptive and negligent act in handling Coronavirus pandemic has left the world to atone. As an outcome, every arrow points towards China as the antagonist. Meanwhile, China’s actions and ideologies in the past support this unified conclusion. Currently, the pent-up anger against the pandemic is directed towards the Chinese regime. Thereby, countries are plotting their methods to ‘Make China Pay’ for ill-informed information supplied of the coronavirus infection. 

Substantive Considerations that Place China in the Limelight

The controversial Chinese government has always been non-considerate towards human life. A handful of events suggest their focus on power. Furthermore, China is the source of the Coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, one begins to wonder if the pandemic outbreak is accidental or intentional?

Factual considerations 

The experts are tirelessly debating over the act of accidental release of the Coronavirus from Wuhan. However, the main point of debate is whether the Coronavirus is from Wuhan wet market or the Wuhan Biomedical laboratory. Even if we assume that the source of the infection is from the wet market, China has undoubtedly aided in its worldwide spread as outlined hereon:

  1. Despite the Coronavirus spread in January, the officials encouraged the humongous Lunar year banquet that resulted in widespread infection. 
  2. Consequently, complete isolation of Wuhan by cutting off from the rest of the country. 
  3. However, the connection between Wuhan and the rest of the world remains open. Thus, spreading the virus internationally.
  4. Also, stern evacuation of non-residents led to an even larger widespread. 

An Array of ‘Make China Pay’ Strategies

Considering the events and the course of the global pandemic, the countries are formulating their plans. The following are few such instances. 

NATO’s in ‘Make China Pay’

Few believe that China manipulated the narrative while focusing the limelight on America. However, China’s faulty COVID-19 testing kits, sending damaged PPE kits to Italy and reporting uncertain COVID-19 case number points the finger in their direction. Following that, NATO’s advised that the nations must fight back with alliances. Especially, strengthen the bond with countries that share a defence agreement with the United States. Subsequently, these allies must confiscate the strategic ports alongside get hold of China’s financial possessions. Also, the countries could begin de- investment in China companies. 

Justifications to Fight Back 

Many nations are in debt due to China’s “One belt, one road”. So, the countries can consider this Coroanvirus pandemic negligence as a suitable justification to fight back. Also, not return the debt as they would be compensation for China’s ignorance in the case of the pandemic. Further, as a mutual defence treaty of NATO, these nations are in a position to fight back. It clearly states that any type of attack on one of the NATO members will be a trigger for defence.

Britain’s Actions Against China 

Britain’s claims that China owes it over 351 billion for the coronavirus infection. Simultaneously, fuelling this spite is a recent study that depicts that the global widespread could have been controlled if China was transparent. Further, a report by Henry Jackson society highlights that it broke the responsibilities of the global Healthcare treaty. Accordingly, these events result in Britain rethinking his relationship with China. So, China is facing a lawsuit and has been openly accused of spreading the Coronavirus intentionally. 

America joins the Lawsuit 

America faces enormous losses due to Beijing’s negligence in the pandemic outbreak. Thus, they are outraged by the crisis and so filed a lawsuit against China. Subsequently, the suit covers all the damage done to their economy and people by the Coronavirus. Also, this lawsuit can add up to USD 1.2 trillion. Senator Tom cotton is in support of this move, and he urged a full-scale investigation regarding the global virus pandemic. 

European Fight against Beijing

France began a political fight against Beijing while also raising anti-China Slogans. Following that, the spite has increased ten folds as China commented that “France left its older citizens to die”. Additionally, in Germany Julian Reichelt denounces China’s President’s incapability to come clean regarding the COVID-19 cases. 

In addition to the above-mentioned nations, Singapore, Iran, Kazakhstan, and many other nations are furious with China’s role in the pandemic outbreak.

Despite the said facts and ideology, the officials must give China the benefit of the doubt until the investigation is complete. Even though the criminal must be punished, yet this isn’t the prime time to do so. Accordingly, once the pandemic is dealt with, actions may be initiated in full swing. As this pandemic affects everyone, it requires unified global attention. So, currently, it is important to focus on saving the world from the deadly pandemic. Rather than, finding faults and diverging from the primary focus, the nations have to contribute towards a cure. 

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