With Increase in COVID-19 Testing, Coronavirus Cases Likely to Increase in India

The number of COVID-19 cases surging towards 25000 in India. With the increase in COVID-19 testing in India, cases likely to increase further in the coming weeks. Since the complete lockdown of the Country, Coronavirus cases have risen from 300 on 20th March 2020 to 24506 on 25th April 2020.

Increase in COVID-19 Cases in India

According to the data of the ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW), India reported 1400 new cases in the last 24 hours, taking the total number to 24,506. However, there were also around 500 cured cases reported on Friday. Maharashtra (6817) leads in terms of the highest number of COVID cases, followed by Gujarat (2815) and Delhi (2514). Moreover, Rajasthan with 2061 cases has become the fourth most affected state, whereas Madhya Pradesh is number five with 1902 Coronavirus cases. All five states together make almost 58% of the total cases in the country.

India’s Condition Better than its Asian peers

Though India’s trajectory has dwindled a bit, it is much steeper to Asian peers such as Japan, Indonesia, and Pakistan. Also, trajectories of most of the Asian countries have been flatter as against western nations where the pandemic has claimed a large number of lives. India’s case count rate is slower than what was a few days ago. Most of the hotspots in India are urban affluent districts.

Defective Kits in Bengal

India is facing the faculty COVID-19 testing kit incidence in West Bengal. Accordingly, the West Bengal government accounted for the faulty kits supplied by ICMR for the slow pace of COVID-19 testing and inconclusive results. The state’s Department of Health and Family Welfare has asked the ICMR to investigate the issue immediately as the defective kits have slowdown the battle against the pandemic. In response to the concerned matter, the ICMR said that the kits are U.S. FDA approved. However, it needs to be stored under 20 degrees temperature, which might have gone wrong in the case.

Amid the pandemic criticality, West Bengal faces faulty COVID- 19 testing kits
Amid the pandemic criticality, West Bengal faces faulty COVID- 19 testing kits
Increased Testing in USA

The Trump administration highlighted its efforts and thanked the nationals for their devotion to contain the spread. The President said that the country has made a record by testing around 4.18-million people.

In all, as the COVID-19 testing gets ramped up in the states, India is likely to witness a spike in the number of cases.

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