Wheat, Bajra, Jowar, Barley and Maize Prices 16.08.2019

Farmers across in states of Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and many others have turned to sowing of maize for Kharif crop 2019 season due to uneven and erratic rains in India. Low availability of Maize across country have India’s poultry Industry worried. Price of Maize has increased considerably from last year and due to delay in imports by state agencies is causing further increase in prices.

Government of India has decided to allocate import of 4 lakh tonnes of feed grade Maize under TRQ (Tariff Rate Quota) scheme.  This additional import quota will have an impact on prices given increase in sown area of Maize in India from previous year.

Current prices of grains in India as on 16.08.2019

Commodity Mandi Price (Per Quintal)
Wheat Cleaned National INR 2450
Wheat Mill Quality Top National INR 2250
Wheat Mill Quality Normal National INR 2150
Wheat Rajasthan INR 1875 – INR 1945
Wheat Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand INR 1850 – INR 1910
Wheat Punjab INR 1950 – INR 1970
Wheat Gujarat INR 1950
Wheat Mill Quality Gujarat INR 2200
Wheat Mill Quality (South India) Chennai, Kerala, Tamil Nadu INR 2400 – INR 2650
Wheat Sharbati Madhya Pradesh INR 2750 – INR 2900
Wheat Madhya Pradesh INR 2050 – INR 2100
Wheat West Bengal INR 1900 – INR 2050
Wheat MP Sharbati (Retail) National INR 3350
Bajra Gujarat INR 2260
Jowar White Gujarat INR 3300 – INR 3350
Jowar White Andhra Pradesh INR 2500
Jowar Red Rajasthan INR 2550
Jowar Red Maharashtra INR 2200
Jowar Red Uttar Pradesh INR 2050
Jowar Red Tamil Nadu INR 2075
Barley Rajasthan INR 1865
Maize (Makka) Gujarat INR 2280
Maize (Makka) Feed Quality Bihar INR 2000
Maize (Makka) Bihar INR 2200
Maize (Makka) Feed Quality Punjab INR 1900 – INR 1950
Maize (Makka) West Bengal INR 2200 – INR 2250
Maize (Makka) Delhi INR 2150
Maize (Makka) Maharashtra INR 2300 – INR 2450

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